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How Much Heat Can You Take? These Hot Chips Will Definitely Spice Up Your Tongue

How Much Heat Can You Take? These Hot Chips Will Definitely Spice Up Your Tongue

Malaysians love spicy food so much, they have spicy everything, even chips.

Anne Dorall

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For many, it’s been a while since we’ve had super spicy food like mala or ayam gepuk that’s more minced chili padi than chicken. But Malaysians have always loved our spicy food, so if you want to get back in the spicy groove with some hot chips, or even just as a regular snack, 7-Eleven Malaysia’s got your back.

Level 1

If you’re just here for the fun, not the heat, then a level 1 spicy chip option like the exclusive Wise Cottage Fries New York Spicy Burger would be perfect.

With a mild spicy taste, you get to enjoy the full flavour this classic smoky grilled snack has to offer, but without too much heat.

Level 2

If you genuinely enjoy some spice with your snacks and love that tingle in your mouth, then give level 2 a shot. It does have some heat, enough to know that it’s spicy, but not too much to overwhelm.

The 7-Eleven Hot & Spicy Potato Chips tastes slightly sweet and tangy with a spicy kick that does not overwhelm its other exquisite flavours. Even though it’s their own branded chips, the chips are crunchy and the flavour is worth a try.

You can get all these chip flavours at 7-Eleven stores in Malaysia.
(Credit: 7-Eleven Malaysia)

Level 3

Level 3 is for true heat seekers: the ones who always ask for the spicy option, the ones who can eat a whole chili padi with a straight face.

Depending on what kind of snack you’re more keen on, there are two options – the 7-Eleven Corn Snack (Hot & Spicy) and the 7-Eleven Wasabi Potato Chips. Both must-try chips deliver a perfect amount of crunch and will definitely work up a sweat. You’re guaranteed to be addicted to this exclusive power pair!

Level 4

Up for something even spicier? Drumroll, please! The exclusive Herr’s Reaper is a strong crowd-pleaser rated at Level 4.

This bag of tear-jerking flavours is sure to keep your brave tastebuds entertained with each crunch. Maybe have a tissue with you, just as a precaution, to mop up sweat or tears.

Level 5

Level 5 is for the daredevils, the ones whose eyes light up at anything that’s promised to be super spicy. The ones who live for that burning sensation that hurts so good.

To each their own, but if you really want to make a challenge of it, go with the Corntoz Spicy Buldak, Lay’s Max Ghost Pepper, or Samyang Extreme Buldak Zzaldduk Snack.

Just, buy yourself a drink with your chips. Or not.

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