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5 Top Tips On Making Your Subway Sandwich Top Tier

5 Top Tips On Making Your Subway Sandwich Top Tier

We give you some top tips for freshening up your Subway sub!

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As far as fast food is concerned, Subway probably ranks as one of the healthier choices, mainly also because it’s one that offers plenty of vegetable options. For those of us who spend most of the busy work day running around with places to be and people to see, but still want something relatively healthy, it’s often a lifesaver.

But if you’ve stuck to your one order for a few years now, you might want to consider adding some pizzazz to your sub. After all, while Subway’s flavour combinations across breads, proteins, fresh vegetables and sauces are endless, it’s not uncommon to fall into a ‘signature Sub’ rut.

So why not try these ones the next time you go pick up a sub:

1. Add some mac and cheese (yes, for real)

Did you know that you can add mac and cheese to your sub? While it may sound odd at first, it makes a lot of sense to add some cheesy goodness to your favourite sub to create an indulgent treat. After all, what’s better than carbs and lots of cheese?

But if you’re not into over-filling your sub, the mac & cheese is also available as a side to eat separately!

2. Fish on meat, fish on egg, fish on everything

According to Subway’s Sandwich Artists, the most popular protein combination is meatballs with a scoop of tuna. Who would have thought? Apparently Malaysians love our double-protein subs.

I could go with a meatball sub right now. Or meatball tuna. Or both. In a footlong.
(Credit: Subway)

This is closely followed by egg mayo with tuna, and chicken teriyaki…with tuna. If the people love it, there must be something to this surf-and-turf approach, right?

But if you’re more keen on just a plain tuna sub, try it with sweet onion sauce! 

3. Corn in a cup? Try corn in a sub

It’s time to expand your vegetable horizons! If you’re looking to hit your vegetable quota for the day in a fun way, try adding some corn to your sub.

An extra scoop of corn doesn’t just taste great, but it’s also a healthier way of adding some delicious crunch to your sub.

4. Layer on the chips

If you’d like to make your sub a little more indulgent, order a bag of potato chips as a side and then rip open the bag of potato chips, and add them straight into the sub!

Cruncy, salty goodness!

Or if you don’t like soggy chips, you can also just have it on the side I guess.
(Credit: Subway)

5. Spice up your day

Love spicy food, but adding chili sauce just isn’t enough to get that heat kick you crave? Subway has brought back the Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sub with a new recipe that is even hotter. Check out our review, too!

It’s pretty decent and pretty spicy, too!
(Credit: TRP)

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