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Ovaltine Is Now Available In Crunchy Ice-Cream Form And We Can’t Wait To Try It!
Food Panda 10th Birthday Food Panda 10th Birthday

Ovaltine Is Now Available In Crunchy Ice-Cream Form And We Can’t Wait To Try It!

Anne Dorall

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I can’t be the only person obsessed with Ovaltine. Even though it’s less ubiquitous than Milo, some people actually prefer Ovaltine more! (Me, I’m some people.)

Can you imagine my excitement to learn that Ovaltine will now also be available as an ice cream? And a chocolate covered one, at that? (Considering that my favourite ice cream is the chocolate coated Top Ten, this is like Christmas coming early for me.)

It looks absolutely delicious!!
(Credit: Wall’s)

Crunchy, crackly goodness

The new ice cream is called Ovaltine Crunchy Pop, and is a collaboration between Wall’s and Ovaltine.

It’s named Ovaltine Crunchy Pop because of the layer of chocolate malt coating topped with Crunchy Pop flakes. The inside is made with creamy Ovaltine white malt ice cream and chocolate malt swirl.

Hard chocolate malt shell with Crunchy Pop flakes, check; white malt ice cream with chocolate malt swirls, also check.
(Credit: Wall’s)

Due to all the added bits and hard chocolate malt coating, the ice cream is meant to crunch its way into your heart with its #CrunchyKawKaw factor.

Wall’s Ovaltine Crunchy Pop ice cream is now available at retail outlets nationwise, priced at just RM3.50 each. Or, if you would prefer to have it delivered to your doorsteps, find them on e-commerce sites like Lazada and Shopee or even on food delivery platforms like Grab, FoodPanda, and Pandamart.

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