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[Review] How Does The New McD Rockin’ BBQ Burger Roll?

[Review] How Does The New McD Rockin’ BBQ Burger Roll?

McDonald’s is rolling out the summer BBQ vibes.

Anne Dorall

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McDonald’s has just announced a new Rockin’ BBQ burger, featuring BBQ sauce, fresh red capsicums, grilled onions, fresh lettuce, and your choice of either a crispy chicken patty or a grilled beef patty, in between a new herb and cornmeal bun.

The Rockin’ BBQ burgers come in chicken or beef versions.
(Credit: McDonald’s)

The burger does actually smell like a summer BBQ dish, all smokey hints of grilled vegetables.

At first bite, you might be quite shocked at how spicy it actually is. The BBQ sauce itself is rather peppery and strong, and matched with the fresh capsicum, made for a surprisingly hot pair. However, there are grilled onions in the mix to mellow out the sauce and add a hint of caramelized sweetness.

The burger boasts a new kind of bun, lots of gooey sauce, and some vegetables.
(Credit: TRP)

The herb and cornmeal bun does deserve praise for being soft and herb-y, complementing the rich BBQ sauce and tasty meat patties perfectly.

We also tried the new Salted Caramel & Pretzel Bits McFlurry.

The new Salted Caramel & Pretzel Bits McFlurry did, indeed, have a good amount of pretzel bits.
(Credit: TRP)

What was impressive is that even after delivery, the pretzel bits held up well, retaining a wonderful crunch with no hint of sogginess.

In terms of taste, the pretzel bits actually provided a true salty flavour, because the “salted caramel” sauce is simply sweet.

The Verdict

This is one of McDonald’s better limited-time offerings, with a surprisingly decent BBQ burger that definitely gives off a summer BBQ grill vibe.

Yet it is quite spicy, especially for a burger that isn’t advertised to be spicy. In fact, I could say that it’s spicier than some of the burgers advertised for being spicy.

Despite that, I find myself really enjoying the additional depth of flavour from the grilled onions and fresh capsicum. The new mixed herb and cornmeal bun used also wraps the burger into a neat, flavourful finish. The burger might fare better with more lettuce, but then again, we don’t go to McDonald’s to expect generous servings of lettuce in our burgers.

The new Rockin’ BBQ Burger definitely rocked my expectations, and I’d be quite pleased to give it another go. Prices for the medium-sized set meal starts from RM15.99.

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