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[Review] Do Salted Eggs Go On A Pizza?

[Review] Do Salted Eggs Go On A Pizza?

Oddly, the main flavour of this pizza isn’t from the salted egg. This may not be a bad thing.

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Salted egg flavours, after enjoying a boost in popularity a few years ago, have cemented themselves as a well-loved taste.

Malaysian pizza chain US Pizza often comes up with innovative flavours to keep their menu fresh, and salted egg recently made its way to their kitchen. But as a pizza topping, how would salted egg fare?

The Taste Test

The salted egg pizza comes with thick strips of red chili and, a generous amount of cheese and bright green curry leaves, a whole crumbled salted egg yolk in the middle, over a bed of shrimp and calamari.

The salted egg pizza is visually catchy with their bright colours.
(Credit: TRP)

The bread is thick and fluffy with little oil to it, making it a good base for the pizza- light enough to carry all the ingredients, while chewy enough for a good bite.

The thick slices are chili are not actually spicy at all, while the crisp curry leaves lend a fragrant flavour to the pizza.

The toppings were very well done, though there was more seafood than I expected, hidden under the cheese. What I first thought was sliced onion turned out to be calamari, springy and well-cooked but not rubbery, a surprisingly delightful treat even for someone who does not like calamari. The shrimp was fat, plump and juicy without a fishy smell, which was also well-cooked.

The round white rings of calamari are done well, while the shrimps were fat and plump, topped with a generous crumble of salted egg yolk.
(Credit: TRP)

The Verdict

Their toppings of calamari and shrimp, while delicious, stands out more than the salted egg. In this case, the salted egg acts more as the backdrop to the seafood than being the star of the show.

Don’t expect wet, saucy salted egg butter sauces on this pizza. Instead, most of the salted egg taste comes from the actual salted egg itself, so you will get crumbly dry bits of salted egg, which is a dry style less commonly used than the more popular Malaysian-style salted egg butter sauces. Still, the pizza is enjoyable nonetheless, even for those who are not a fan of seafood on pizza.

A surprisingly delicious meal even for someone not fond of seafood on pizzas.
(Credit: TRP)

That being said, US Pizza’s salted egg pizza, priced at RM38 for a regular size, is a great option for those who love seafood, and certainly appeases those who enjoy savoury salted egg flavours as well.

The local pizza chain has been continuously impressive thus far, finding ways to incorporate uncommon flavours and ingredients onto their pizzas while still maintaining a pleasant pizza-eating experience.

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