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KFC’s Zinger Cheezilla Is BACK And With A 10% Discount To Boot

KFC’s Zinger Cheezilla Is BACK And With A 10% Discount To Boot

The Zinger Cheezilla will be back for good this time!

Anne Dorall

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The KFC Zinger Cheezilla has made its yearly comeback since its introduction in 2018, and it still tastes amazing.

For the uninitiated, the Zinger Cheezilla has the signature Hot & Spicy Zinger fillet topped with a thick mozzarella cheese patty and Jalapeno cheese mayo.

The Taste Test

The Zinger Cheezilla is pretty hefty with both the Zinger chicken patty and the mozzarella cheese patty being quite generous in size.

The Jalapeno cheese sauce is quite savoury and is similar to the cheese sauce used on KFC Cheesy Wedges. It’s a delicious addition to the burger, although it does overpower the taste of the mozzarella patty. (Not to worry, although it’s called the Jalapeno cheese sauce, it’s not spicy at all.)

The Zinger Cheezilla in all its glory.
(Credit: TRP)

The mozzarella patty by itself is quite light in taste and acts more as a delightful textural addition. It’s soft with bite and stretches beautifully when the burger is eaten hot. You probably won’t get it to be comically long, but it really does stretch quite a bit.

The Verdict

The indulgent burger is quite hefty and can be rather filling. After all, it has both a fried chicken meat patty and a fried mozzarella cheese patty.

Because of that, you’ll need a cold refreshing drink to wash down the richness every once in a while.

The burger should absolutely be eaten hot, when the cheese is at its softest and meltiest. The cheese patty will lose some of its stretch as the burger cools down, though by no means does it lose its deliciousness.

Fans of the regular Zinger Burger will be fond of the Zinger Cheezilla too, because it kind of feels like a premium Zinger Burger– still retaining the deliciousness of a Zinger, but with bonus ingredients.

If you’re keen to try one for yourself, get an exclusive 10% off by ordering through the KFC Malaysia app and using the promo code ‘CHEEZILLA‘. You can download the app here: Android | iOS.

The Cheezilla Cheezy Share Box for 2, exclusively on the app, will ensure that you have a hearty, filling meal.
(Credit: KFC)

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