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We Tried Somersby’s Watermelon Cider To See How Summer-y It Really Is

We Tried Somersby’s Watermelon Cider To See How Summer-y It Really Is

A new Sombersby cider flavour has joined the ranks.

Anne Dorall

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Somersby Malaysia recently released a brand new watermelon flavoured cider, which is actually rather hard to find. I was rather lucky to come across the bottle, and as an avid watermelon lover, decided to give it a shot.

The Taste Test

The watermelon flavoured cider is very watermelony. Upon popping open the cap, you’re hit with a gentle waft of watermelon– just a hint, nothing too overpowering.

The watermelon cider is a pretty pink colour.
(Credit: TRP)

The drink itself is fruity, truly tasting as if someone had crushed watermelon straight into the bottle. The cider is pleasant to mouth without any strong artificial watermelon flavours.

Surprisingly, the Somersby watermelon cider is also a very smooth drink without much fizziness, which could be a pro or a con depending on personal preference.

The Verdict

Compared to other Somersby’s ciders such as the original apple cider or rosé flavours, the watermelon flavoured cider is sweeter and has almost no alcoholic aftertaste. (Although it is an alcoholic drink, with 4.5% alcohol content.)

No matter how nice the drink tastes, don’t feed it to your pets.
(Credit: TRP)

It’s pretty perfect for people who just want to relax a little with a fragrantly light watermelon drink, or those who do not particularly like drinks that taste or smell strongly of alcohol.

The watermelon flavoured cider has quickly turned into a personal favourite, pulling ahead of Somersby’s rosé flavoured cider. Now if only I can find it more often.

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