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Peanut Brittle Whiskey Sour, Pomelo Paloma Cocktails & Malaysia’s First Sizzling Porterhouse Steak Anyone?

Peanut Brittle Whiskey Sour, Pomelo Paloma Cocktails & Malaysia’s First Sizzling Porterhouse Steak Anyone?

Maria’s SteakCafe is seriously tempting us with the most delicious combination of meats and drinks!

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There is a hiss of butter and melted tallow as they slide past the sliced porterhouse – or T-bone steak- on the hot plate set in front of you at Maria’s SteakCafe. With the heady aroma of perfectly cooked meat teasing your nose, there’s no doubt that Malaysia’s first sizzling porterhouse steak is here and ready to make you fall in love!

Sinfully succulent sizzling porterhouse steak

Porterhouse steak
(Credit: Maria’s SteakCafe)

Known to meat lovers as the ‘King of Steaks’, the Porterhouse combines the melt-in-your mouth tenderloin with the buttery striploin, eliminating the need to make a difficult choice.

To cook a porterhouse steak to perfection, Maria’s SteakCafe is exploring a new method of cooking that will be a first in Malaysia!

First, the meat is grilled and seared in high heat until a deep brown crust forms, then transferred onto a ceramic plate for the cooking process to be completed slowly in the oven. The porterhouse is then basted with a mix of melted brown butter and beef tallow, thus bringing a gleaming shine onto the piece of meat.

Sizzling porterhouse steak.
(Credit: Maria’s SteakCafe)

Generally marketed in restaurants as a meal for two, the porterhouse is no small piece of meat. However, like all big cuts of meat, it doesn’t always cook evenly.

A medium-rare porterhouse often turns out ideal on the fillet, tenderloin side but the marbled strip ranged from medium-rare to medium-well. This isn’t a dealbreaker though as the high-quality of the steak just means you get to taste just how well the porterhouse stands out in different cooking temperatures.

Look at all that glorious meat-flavoured butter and fat!
(Credit: Maria’s SteakCafe)

To be honest, any misgivings fly out the window once the server spoons some of the sizzling fat over it right in front of you. Served sizzling hot and pre-sliced against the meat grain, it’s a stunning piece of meat bathing in butter – what else could be more indulgent than this?

Well, maybe if you top it off with some world-class cocktails that are inspired by the charming city of Ipoh.

From peanut brittle to pomelo, nostalgic Ipoh- inspired cocktails are here

Sesame sour – a whiskey sour with an Ipoh twist!
(Credit: TRP)

Maria’s SteakCafe was born out of the love for food which begun from their homely little family kitchen 20 years ago in Ipoh. Naturally, the award-winning steakhouse wants to bring that back. Enter: award-winning mixologist, Amanda Wan with a new Ipoh-inspired cocktail menu.

When we say Ipoh-inspired, we mean full on with peanut brittle biscuits, pomelo fruits and all!

Top hits include the Sesame Sour – a concoction inspired by whiskey sour but made using bourbon, hazelnut toffee syrup, sesame oil and peanut brittle. It’s a sweet, sour, sesame-y that hits you right in the nostalgic feels.

Pompaloma. (Credit: Maria’s SteakCafe)

Another great brew is the Pompaloma – a local twist on the paloma cocktail made with the juicy pomelo. The acidity of this cocktail actually makes it a perfect pairing with the sizzling porterhouse as it nicely cuts through the rich butter and tallow.

The Oolong Fashioned is another winner, especially appealing to Malaysians with the bourbon infused longan.

Oolong fashioned.
(Credit: TRP)

All in all, it’s a perfect date night or celebratory dinner.

The cocktail menu is only available at Maria’s Signature KLCC and Maria’s SteakCafe Bangsar. Sizzling its way into Maria’s SteakCafe from 12th April 2021, the Australian Black Angus Porterhouse is priced at RM50 per 100grams and the T-bone at RM40 per 100 grams. The sizes of both cuts range from 600 grams – 1kg per piece and are sufficient for two people. All of Maria’s SteakCafe’s restaurants are pork-free and all the beef and poultry are certified halal.

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