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[Review] Ring-A-Ding-Ding! We Try Out Malaysia’s First Ever Taco Bell In Cyberjaya

[Review] Ring-A-Ding-Ding! We Try Out Malaysia’s First Ever Taco Bell In Cyberjaya

If you’re wondering, Taco Bell in Malaysia tastes just like in the US but there are some additions just for us.

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Taco Bell, the international giant American-Mexican fast food chain that’s a staple in pop culture, has finally opened its doors in Malaysia. The first ever restaurant in the country will be opening on 2 April 2021 in Cyberjaya.

Ankush Tuli, Managing Director Asia Pacific Taco Bell, promises that the Cyberjaya outlet is merely the first of many that will be opening in this year alone. Others will follow in all parts of the country.

We are grateful to all our fans in here who have been waiting for the brand to open in Malaysia and we are delighted to invite all of them to come and try our signature and iconic food at our first location at Cyberjaya.

Ankush Tuli
There’s something for everyone.
(Credit: TRP)

Sure, there’s a lot of hype, but is the Americanized fast food actually worth the wait? We managed to give it a try and here’s what we think.

The Authentic Taco Bell Experience

For a quintessential Mexican-inspired Taco Bell experience, the simple yet delicious 2 Taco Supreme is the best bet. You get to choose between a crunchy corn tortilla shell or a warm soft flour tortilla wrap, with fillings of your choice (beef, chicken, or black beans for a vegetarian option), signature hot sauce, sour cream, fresh lettuce, diced tomatoes, and cheddar cheese.

The 2 Taco Supreme: It looks simple, but the flavours are by no means plain.
(Credit: TRP)

The flavour is on point, with a good balance of tangy vegetables to round out the savoury meat. Those who have tried Taco Bell before may have an out-of-body experience as they are transported back to the US for just a brief moment.

The Crunchwrap Supreme does the same as well. The big hexagonal layered tortilla wrap is packed with everything, so it’s perfect for those who have a big appetite and want to try it all!

(In fact, this personal favourite of mine reminded me of those university days, rushing in between classes with a Crunchwrap to get through the day!)

The Crunchwrap Supreme: It’s got everything.
(Credit: TRP)

Want Mexican food with a Malaysian twist?

Taco Bell is all about experimenting, so they’re also launching exclusive menu items that can only be found in Malaysia!

The Bell Rice Bowl is what you get when East meets West, a rather interesting fusion of Mexican tastes with a Malaysian twist.

The Bell Rice Bowl: It’s kind of like Mexican-style nasi lemak.
(Credit: TRP)

It starts off as a regular taco bowl: seasoned Mexican rice, grilled chicken pieces, black beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and corn tortilla chips. The twist is a generous helping of Malaysian-style sambal on top, adding a surprising homely taste to the bowl.

Additionally, to deal with the Malaysian heat, they also offer extremely refreshing Taco Bell Sparklers in two flavours: Summer Mint and Strawberry Delight, which are also exclusive to Malaysia!

The Taco Bell Sparklers: They kind of taste like a bubbly Sprite with a twist of lemon or strawberry.
(Credit: TRP)

You’ll find your Taco Bell favourite

There are also other impressive dishes such as the Kickin’ Chicken Tacos, for those more fond of spicy crunchy chicken. It’s a fantastic, wholesome taco with juicy chicken strips and the most wonderful tang from the pico de gallo salsa and vegetables, with just enough kick for a spicy, meaty meal.

The Kickin’ Chicken Tacos: spicy crunchy chicken, and a load of vegetables for a well-balanced meal.
(Credit: TRP)

For a lighter but just as delicious flavour, try the Grilled Stuft Burrito, made with grilled chicken, nacho cheese, vegetables, and pico de gallo salsa- a lean, mean, green machine.

There’s plenty more on the menu to try with your friends and family, such as the Loaded Nachos topped with sour cream, guacamole, and lots of nacho cheese sauce, and even the sweet Cinnamon Twists, crunchy biscuity twists topped with cinnamon-sugar (and tastes nothing like churros).

PSA: These Cinnamon Twists are NOT churros.
(Credit: TRP)

Taco Bell is all about customizations, so you can always choose your favourite protein (ground chicken, ground beef, grilled chicken, or black beans for a vegetarian option!), and add on Taco Bell’s famous line of hot sauces (funnily enough, the FIRE sauce is less spicy than their HOT sauce).

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