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Are You These 3 Types Of Terrible Christmas Gift Shoppers? You Definitely Need This

Are You These 3 Types Of Terrible Christmas Gift Shoppers? You Definitely Need This

Sometimes, you just need a little guidance.

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With Christmas fast approaching and numerous office festive parties underway, the pressure to get a gift for your loved ones – or barely tolerable colleagues – is at its peak!

But as with any gift-giving endeavours, terrible gift-givers are, well, a given. But what kind of a hopeless Christmas gift shopper are you? We’ve narrowed it down to three broad categories, so read on to find out which one you are:

Last Minute Shopper

last minute shopper
Credit: TRP

It’s not done out of malice, but the Last Minute Shopper often finds themselves desperately browsing through store shelves or same-day delivery options with less than 24 hours to present time.

So the gift they get winds up being a random surprise due to the speedy guesswork and the fact that it’s usually selected based on how fast it’s delivered.

Bad Secret Santa

Credit: TRP

Some people are quite enthusiastic about Secret Santa, they ask around and find out what their colleagues like. But others do just do it because they “have to lah!”

So, they just get whatever that fits into the budget, which can be an underwhelming surprise.

Oblivious Partner

Credit: TRP

This person is really clueless, with nary an inkling of what to get for their respective partners.

No doubt that their heart’s in the right place, but like the last minute shopper, they’re often left scratching their heads in confusion while panic begins to overwhelm them.

The present they present isn’t bad, since love is the greatest gift of all. But, they could do better.

How to fix your terrible presents

Well, research and time are always top on the list when it comes to buying the perfect gift.

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with this luxury, especially when physical distancing makes it a bit harder to pry into someone’s mind via casual conversation.
But there’s always fail-safe options available – like Guinness’s Christmas Gift Sets!

Guinness Christmas Gift Sets. (Credit: Guinnness)

Just for this festive season, Guinness has released three uniquely different limited-edition sets that are personalised for three different types of personalities or hobbies! Each of them comes with Guinness Foreign Extra Stout so your loved ones can enjoy the bold and chocolatey flavours at home.

For instance, The Christmas Spirit gift set is for a budding mixologist who likes to stir up creative concoctions. This kit consists of ingredients that you’ll need to craft your own cocktail.

Then, there’s the A Sweet Christmas set for someone with a sweet tooth who loves to bake! With Guinness cupcake recipes crafted by local bakers, it’s really a gift for everyone.

Finally, the Spice & Nice presents cooking sauces, including a highly interesting Guinness BBQ Sauce for more cooking experiments.

(from left) The Christmas Spirit, A Sweet Christmas and the Spice & Nice gift sets.
(Credit: Guinness)

These Christmas Gift Sets are exclusively available at Drinkies (HERE),but try not to wait until it’s literally the last minute!

If you’re still unsure, TRP’s Sad Santa’s top three bad experiences with gift-givers during this jolly season may change your mind:

The Guinness Gift Sets is for non-Muslims aged 21 and above. Please drink responsibly.

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