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For Under RM10, This Subang Eatery Sells Authentic China-Style Dumplings Bursting With Goodness

For Under RM10, This Subang Eatery Sells Authentic China-Style Dumplings Bursting With Goodness

These dumplings, also known as shui jiao, are made fresh by a chef from Xi’an, China!

Anne Dorall

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China is legendary for their dumplings, stuffed full with succulent choice filling of juicy pork, chicken, shrimp, fish, or vegetables.

The good news is, you won’t have to fly yourself to China for some delicious dumplings, because you can get it in Subang Jaya for under RM10!

Credit: TRP

Yu Ji Noodle House sells authentic handmade dumplings and hand-pulled China-style noodle soups. Helmed by a husband-and-wife team, Stephen Yue and Lina Tan, Yu Ji Noodle House has been catering to hungry patrons since 1 April 2018.

Stephen runs the restaurant, while Lina manages the kitchen and the food. In fact, the China-native from Xi’an is the one who cooks and prepares the dumplings and noodles daily.

Plenty of dumplings to go around.
(Credit: TRP)

I had to change my recipe a little to suit Malaysian tastebuds. [Stephen’s] family found the dumpling skin too thick, and they said there was too much vegetables and not enough meat!

Lina Tan to TRP

For the Malaysians more used to wontons, which have a much thinner skin and a small wrap of minced meat, these China-style dumplings (shui jiao) might be unexpectedly filling.

Each dumpling is pretty hefty.
(Credit: TRP)

Chinese dumplings served in China have a thick, doughy skin and an extremely generous amount of greens, most often stronger-smelling ones such as chives and spring onions. The dumplings are also traditionally eaten with sliced ginger and vinegar.

When asked how she learned to make the dumpling so delicious, Lina laughed heartily.

It’s nothing special. Literally everyone back home knows how to cook. I’ve been making dumplings with my grandmother and mother since I was a young girl.

Lina to TRP
Hand-pulled noodles with a drizzle of chili oil on top. The noodles are rather thick and delightfully chewy.
(Credit: TRP)

Her experience certainly shows in her dishes, which are deftly and expertly made. The dumplings in soup (shui jiao) are flavourful and pair extremely well with the chewy, thick noodles and the light yet savoury clear soup.

The crispy fried dumplings (guo tie) are a beautiful marriage between a juicy interior and a crunchy exterior. If sliced ginger and vinegar isn’t your thing, try asking for their chili oil to dip in instead.

The fried dumpling (guo tie). As you can tell, most of the filling is green and the skin is rather thick, which does make for a more satisfying bite.
(Credit: TRP)

Yu Ji Noodle House is definitely worth a visit if you enjoy balls of meat wrapped in dough.

Stephen Yue (middle) and Lina Tan (right).
(Credit: TRP)

Restoran Yu Ji Noodle House
37, Jalan Nilam 1/2,
Taman Teknologi Tinggi Subang,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Monday-Friday 7:00am-3.30pm
Saturday 7:00am-2:30pm

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