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Bubble Tea Cup Noodles: Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Weirder

Bubble Tea Cup Noodles: Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Weirder

The food for the brave.

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Like a Venn diagram, fans of cup noodles and fans of bubble tea often see quite some overlap: fans of one are likely to be fans of the other.

However, even the most hardcore fans of both might find it hard to accept mixing the two and eating them together.

Recently, a collaboration between Tealive and Mamee birthed the contradictory Spicy Mi Boba, a mixture of cup noodles and bubble tea.

The new product features Mamee’s signature spicy and bouncy noodles in a cup of Tealive’s popular pearl milk tea, complete with pearls.

Promotional image from Tealive shows exactly what you think it is: cup noodles but in a bubble tea drink.
(Credit: Tealive)

Additionally, you can choose to eat this monstrosity either hot OR cold by adding ice into the soup/drink.

Netizens were similarly dumbfounded, calling the product “blasphemous” and “revolting” but also “the worst thing I have ever wanted to try”.

We at TRP are not brave enough to put this in our mouths, but perhaps our readers might find courage within themselves to give it a taste.

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