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This Burger Is MEANT To Be Slathered With Cheese Sauce, Straight From California

This Burger Is MEANT To Be Slathered With Cheese Sauce, Straight From California

Tastes like freedom.

Anne Dorall

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Pasadena Burger promises a fully unique Californian burger experience for Malaysians. Armed with the same recipes as the boutique burger store in California, Pasadena Burger Malaysia delivers delicious burgers straight to your doorstep.

They currently have two delicious choices: a regular cheeseburger and their signature dipping burger.

The Cheeseburger

Looks-wise, it’s nothing to shout about.
(Credit: TRP)

Don’t be fooled: their ‘regular’ cheeseburger is anything but. A delightfully seasoned beef patty paired only with their homemade Special Sauce may seem understated in today’s world of crazy bun toppings, but one bite into this cheeseburger will change your mind.

If we were to describe it, it would be ‘just right’: just the right kind of sauce, just the right amount of seasoning, just the right kind of crunch of the veggies to round out the meat, and just the right kind of cheese on just the right kind of brioche bun.

A basic done just right.

The Dipping Burger

Note the difference in bun.
(Credit: TRP)

If you’re more adventurous with your burgers, the signature Dipping Burger is your best choice.

Instead of their Special Sauce, you are given 3 choices of sauces to pair with your dipping burger: the mildly sweet Honey Cheese, the smokey Cajun Spicy Cheese, or the boldly savoury Habanero Southern Californian Cheese.

Left to right: Habanero, Cajun, and Honey Cheese.
(Credit: TRP)

The bun used for the dipping burger is based on a muffin recipe, yielding a heavenly soft bite with a hint of sweetness, yet firm enough to carry the sauce without becoming soggy or falling apart.

We found the dipping burger to be a genuine delight, with the different sauces lending different flavour profiles to the burger depending on your mood.

Yet a personal favourite is actually the muffin bun itself, lighter than the regular brioche bun, with the most gentle mouthfeel and flavour to truly allow the burger patty and sauces to shine.

Pasadena Burger Malaysia

The Pasadena Burger’s regular Cheeseburger. No frills, all flavour.
(Credit: TRP)

The original concept was launched as a delivery-only burger service earlier this year during the movement control order (MCO).

They were first introduced in Malaysia as a DIY burger kit featuring premium ingredients: everything you need to make a perfect burger in one box.

95% of everything is imported. The beef is imported from Australia. The flour used in baking the buns is premium Japanese flour. The spices and sauces used in the burgers are all imported from California. The only things that aren’t imported are the fresh vegetables, like the tomatoes, lettuce, and onions.

Pasadena Burger to TRP
Everything you need in a box. Even the vegetables!
(Credit: TRP)

However, because it has always only been exclusively available to online delivery, many Malaysians have been asking for a chance to try to fresh burgers at a dine-in restaurant.

Which is why, for a limited time only, Pasadena Burger will be available for dine-in at Cheers2Cheers cafe in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. This pop-up addition will only be available from October 1st to December 31st.

Cheers 2 Cheers cafe is located at the JIS Kuala Lumpur Gatsby Lounge, which can lead to a rather extraordinary dining experience of eating burgers in a luxury Japanese bar.

Dig into your cheesy burger next to a giant chandelier.
(Credit: TRP)

It was never our intention to serve Pasadena Burger as a dine-in option. However, we received a lot of inquiries from Malaysians to try the burgers at a sit-down restaurant, which is how the pop-up concept came to be with JIS KL.

Pasadena Burger to TRP

Patrons who would prefer a more classically American diner atmosphere need not worry, as Pasadena Burger is already looking to open a proper brick-and-mortar store in Petaling Jaya in the near future, which will have all the classic retro vibes of an American burger restaurant.

Cheers 2 Cheers Cafe (JIS Kuala Lumpur, Gatsby Lounge)
3rd Floor, Star Boulevard
Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 53300 KL.

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