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2020 Plans Cancelled? ‘Fox It’ With Apple Fox Celebrations Instead

2020 Plans Cancelled? ‘Fox It’ With Apple Fox Celebrations Instead

What does the fox say?


Let’s face it – most of our 2020 plans have been derailed by the pandemic.

Overseas holidays will have to wait, gatherings forced to be downsized or go digital. The ‘new normal’ is here to stay until at least 2021. 

And for that, Apple Fox is inviting Malaysians to just say… “FOX IT!”

According to the popular apple cider, Malaysians can still make the best out of 2020 – all it takesis a little curiosity. And with that, Apple Fox launched an interactive platform that gives you a glimpse into their cider-making process. 

Keep your eyes on the fox as it progresses through the cider factory, as you’ll need to answer a question about it later in order to win a golden fox or other exclusive Apple Fox merchandise. 

As it’s also approaching the apple harvest season, you can also book the Fox Mobile and enjoy some apple cider from the comforts of your own home. This one-of-a-kind service brings with it two 10L kegs (enough for 60 glasses), so you can share the experience with some friends. 

(Credit: Apple Fox)

And while you’re enjoying your crisp apple cider, don’t forget to always observe physical distancing and follow the standard operating procedures listed by the health authorities.

Find out more about Apple Fox’s celebrations here.

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