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We Tried The Tealive Strawless Cup To See How Well It Actually Works

We Tried The Tealive Strawless Cup To See How Well It Actually Works

It claims to provide the perfect ratio of drink-and-topping without a straw.

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By now, everyone knows how wasteful bubble tea is, with the copious amount of single-use plastic generated per cup. Because of this, many Malaysians are pushing for reusable cups and metal straws.

Everyone has seen this image of bubble tea cups at SS15.
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In response, Tealive has introduced a new Eco Strawless Cup specially designed for their line of drinks, meant to be reusable, as part of their sustainability campaign.

The Eco Strawless Cup has three parts: the lid, the topping ‘basket’, and the cup itself. The cup is designed for you to be able to get a good amount of toppings with every sip without the need for a straw.

While it seemed impressive on paper, we were curious as to how well it actually did its job, and whether or not the cup was truly worth it as a sustainable option or was it merely another gimmick.

At first glace, the cup seems pretty decent. The plastic is soft, but still stronger than their disposable single-use plastic cups. The lid has two openings: one wide-mouth for toppings, and a smaller one for a straw.

While the lid seemed pretty leak-proof, we would still recommend carrying it with your hands instead of putting it in a bag.

Instructions for the cup are simple: twist the mouth over the toppings for small toppings like pearls, or halfway for large toppings like pudding. Then, just drink as usual.

The toppings sit near the top of the cup, not settled at the bottom.
(Credit: TRP)

To our surprise, it seemed to work pretty well with Tealive’s signature classic milk tea with pearls. Each mouthful offered a good amount of toppings with the drink.

However, don’t expect it to provide the exact same bubble tea experience, even if the taste is basically the same.

It’s not the same satisfaction as vaccuming balls into your mouth with a straw. Now it’s more like three balls in a mouthful.

Louis to TRP

Whether or not the strawless cup is a good sustainable alternative would depend solely on the user, however.

Naturally, it would only work if you bring it into a physical Tealive store to save on disposable cups. However, if you are more of a delivery fan, then it doesn’t make sense to get one because you won’t get to actually use it.

The disposable single-use plastic cup (left) and the reusable strawless cup (right).
(Credit: TRP)

For frequent Tealive consumers, however, it’s a good step in the right direction, especially since it is relatively cheap to get at just RM4 with any drink purchase. (Or RM13 by itself with a RM10 voucher.)

I drink Tealive a lot, so I’ll probably just carry the cup with me. It’s light and easy to bring around.

Louis to TRP

All in all, it’s a pretty decent way for Malaysians to get started on their sustainable journey without giving up their bubble tea drinks or spending too much money on reusable containers.

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