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Hennessy’s Latest Campaign Proves That We Can All Actually Be Impressive Gourmet Home Chefs
Food Panda 10th Birthday Food Panda 10th Birthday

Hennessy’s Latest Campaign Proves That We Can All Actually Be Impressive Gourmet Home Chefs

Now everybody can be a gourmet home chef.


Gourmet food is usually associated with fine dining, expensive ingredients, and complicated preparation processes carried out by Michelin-starred chefs. Unless you’re Gordon Ramsay, whipping up a meal that can be considered gourmet standard from home seems pretty impossible…

… until now, that is.

Recent trends saw that more Malaysians have started to cook at home, with 72% of them even opting to create fancy dishes that match gourmet standards in terms of presentation and time needed for preparation. We’ve also seen some of our friends show off their culinary works on viral Facebook groups or on their personal social media accounts.  

With that in mind, Hennessy launched the #MYHXOKitchen campaign in Malaysia to further encourage and empower Malaysians in their cooking journey. The campaign is a collaboration between Hennessy and Chef Sean Lauw of Fat Butchery, which allows Malaysians to purchase premium meats to be cooked at home.

(Credit: Hennessy)

Senior Brand Manager of Hennessy X.O and RCC Aiko Lee described this initiative as an “invitation” and “reward” for Malaysians to continue their culinary journey.

Each package of high quality steak also comes with a bottle of Hennessy X.O, a perfect tipple to be paired with the dish. 

There are four types of Hennessy X.O and Steak packages available, with meat ranging from Australian Grain Fed Black Angus to Australian Grain Fed Wagyu Marbling 5/6. Prices start from RM555 and can be purchased from The Good Stuff’s online store

Meat and Hennessy X.O have a unique symbiotic relationship, in that they complement each other, enhancing their flavours in truly unique ways. It certainly is a treat for the senses that has to be experienced to be appreciated.

Aiko Lee, Senior Brand Manager of Hennessy X.O and RCC, Moët Hennessy Diageo (MHD) Malaysia

Hennessy also encourages purchasers to share a video of how they prepare their Hennessy X.O and steak meal on social media to win exclusive prizes. These include a Danielle Peita Graham kitchenware set worth RM1,000, home improvement vouchers worth RM5,000, or even an exclusive dinner experience in Sekinchan at Zung Heng’s private kitchen. 

You can find out more about the #MYHXOKitchen campaign and contest on their Facebook page, and purchase your Hennessy X.O and Steak package here.

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