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Have Yourself A Fruitful Chinese New Year With Fruity Yee Sang

Have Yourself A Fruitful Chinese New Year With Fruity Yee Sang

Anne Dorall

Chinese New Year feasts tend to be quite extravagant to symbolise fortune and abundance. To partake in it is to partake in good luck for the future.

Traditionally, yee sangs tended to include raw fish and shredded vegetables. But this year, there’s a new offering to refresh your tastebuds: a fruity platter of yee sang!

The popular hotpot restaurant chain XiaoLongKan has released their offering for the year: a surprising choice of assorted fruits such as apples, pomelos, and asian pears.

The red and green apple symbolizes peace (píng), the pomelo indicates good luck and a smooth-sailing year (dà jí dà lì), and the asian pear brings long-life and prosperity as the pear tree lives and bears fruit for many years.

XiaoLongKan’s fruity yee sang comes with a traditional sweet plum sauce for a blessed, harmonious life (tim tim mat mat) drizzled generously over the fruits mixed with shredded carrots, signature fried crispy pork, and deep-fried flour crisps.

Although the yee sang is traditionally eaten before a meal, XiaoLongKan’s fruity yee sang would serve exceptionally well as a dessert, for the fruits are cooling and can take away the heatiness (yeet hay) of the hotpot.

Doesn’t that already look super healthy?
(Credit: XiaoLongKan)

The apples were crisp and acted as a good backdrop to bring out the flavours of the other fruits. The pear in particular was fragrant and refreshing, while the pomelo bits made for a juicy addition.

The signature fried crispy pork stole the show, however, with its tantalizing flavours and perfect texture that contrasts wonderfully with the sweetness of the fruits.

XiaoLongKan is most well-known for their spicy mala soup base, but they also serve lighter broths of mushroom, tomato, or pork bone.

XiaoLongKan’s yee sang is priced at RM38 for a medium portion (2-4 pax) and RM68 for a large portion (6-8 pax), available at all outlets.

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