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We tried McD’s new Spicy McShaker Fries & Sweet Chili Fish Burger and here’s what we think [Review]

We tried McD’s new Spicy McShaker Fries & Sweet Chili Fish Burger and here’s what we think [Review]

Anne Dorall

It’s an exciting time for McDonald’s fans with the return of the McShaker Fries and a new fish burger offering.

However, this time there was only 1 flavour of the McShaker Fries available: the Spicy!

Picture credit: TRP

The McShaker Fries is really just regular fries with a powdered seasoning, but there’s something about the shaking that’s super fun and satisfying!

However, we found that the spicy seasoning powder was quite irritating to the nose and throat, so be very careful when opening the packet and shaking the fries.

The fries beautifully coated with the spicy powdered seasoning.
(Picture credit: TRP)

Taste-wise, it is reminiscent of the Maggi Kari powder. Spicy but flavourful and packs quite a savoury punch.

We found that half a packet of seasoning is perfect for medium-sized fries, while a full packet works great for large-sized fries.

The new Sweet Chili Fish Burger was also a surprising addition to the menu.

The new Sweet Chili Fish Burger.
(Picture credit: TRP)

The burger is about the size of the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, as it uses the same bun.

A fried fish patty topped with sweet chili sauce and coleslaw.
(Picture credit: TRP)

The burger also comes with a new sauce and topped with coleslaw, a mixture that includes carrots, cabbage, and lettuce.

The fish patty is fried with a thicker seasoning than the OG Filet-O-Fish, and has more flavour from the sweet chili sauce.

Taste-wise, the sauce was surprisingly tangy and sweet. It wasn’t, in fact, spicy at all. (Though it did have a nice kick!)

The fish meat was also fresh and flaked easily without a fishy smell.

All in all, the Spicy McShaker Fries makes a fantastic fun return, even though there’s only one flavour available now; while the new Sweet Chili Fish Burger might be a solid new favourite for fans of fish burgers.

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