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We tried Cadbury’s Durian chocolate & it’s actually not bad! [Review]

We tried Cadbury’s Durian chocolate & it’s actually not bad! [Review]

Kirat Kaur

While durian season is nearing its end, the madness for the King of Fruits continues with Cadbury Malaysia’sDURIAN CHOCOLATE.

Credit: TRP

Now, durian chocolate is not a new concept. The abominable cocoa-fruit combination has been seen on shelves of numerous shops near tourist spots and at airports.


This is, however, one of the rare few occasions where the durian
chocolate is sold nationwide.

Released for the Merdeka & Malaysia Day season, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Durian chocolate is supposed to be a celebration of local flavours.

Available only in Malaysia, Cadbury’s second localised limited-edition flavour also comes in gift boxes bearing Datuk Lat’s famous cartoon illustrations.

Credit: TRP

With the background settled, let’s dive in!


No doubt, the Lat illustrations is a big win!

Credit: TRP

It’s fun, nostalgic and oh-so-Malaysian.

On the durian chocolate itself, the iconic fruit proudly wears a crown while a “Made Especially for Malaysia” tag sits at the corner.

Besides that, we like the jagged golden sides that kinda
resembles a durian’s prickly thorns!

Credit: TRP


Here’s where things start getting interesting.

Credit: TRP

The moment the plastic pops open, you immediately get a
whiff of durian aroma that’s similar to the smell of dodol.

The chocolate itself looks rather nondescript, except for
the rice crispies popping out at the back.

Credit: TRP


To be perfectly honest, the durian chocolate isn’t the best.
Nor is it the worst.

The durian flavour is more of an aftertaste and eating it was
a déjà vu of noshing on the durian popcorn snack that was all the rage back in primary

As one of TRP’s writers said, “I wouldn’t actually go out of
my way to buy this. But if it’s in front of me, I’d eat it.”

Verdict : 3/5

If you’d like to get your hands on the durian chocolate and try it yourself, you better hurry as the aromatic chocolate bar is only available until 30th September.

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Durian chocolate can be found in major
hypermarkets and supermarkets at RM8.50. The limited-edition gift set with Lat’s
drawings are sold exclusively on Shopee for RM42.90.

Credit: TRP

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