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(Review) Manhattan Fish Market’s new Fin-tastastic fresh menu & dining experience

(Review) Manhattan Fish Market’s new Fin-tastastic fresh menu & dining experience

Looking for a so-fish-ticated under the sea experience without needing to leave town?

We got just the thing for you!

(Pic Credit: TRP)

Malaysia’s Manhattan Fish Market (MFM) has just come out with a revamped concept complete with 6 types of tartar sauce, hand made crisp chips and even gloves for maximum makan experience!

Unlike like MFM’s previous thick potato wedges of chips in their fish ‘n’ chips, the new menu brings a whole new concept of chips with freshly handmade slices of fried potato chips that are thin and crispy.

The best part of it all is that; the chips at MFM is free flow!

We had 2 rounds during our seating.


The dining experience doesn’t stop there.

With the new concept of having a self-serving Tartar sauce station, we get to enjoy a free flow of various tartar sauces and glasses of cold refreshing cold water.

(Pic Credit: TRP)
(Pic Credit: TRP)

Currently, there are 6 types tartar sauces including; BBQ, curry, spicy, lime, spicy grapefruit, and of course, original.

Our top picks are the lime and spicy grapefruit tartar sauces

The lime tartar is packed with zesty lime bits that definitely gives a refreshing citrus punch. Whereas the spicy grapefruit tartar sauce carries a sweet and fruity taste that goes well with the crispy hand-made chips.

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Chief Executive Officer, Dickson Low, explains that they will be expanding their tartar sauce selection to include international flavours.

Including tandoori and kimchi flavoured tartar.


Not to miss at the Tartar station are ‘plates’ for customers to choose from.

Yes, you read that right.

In the new redesign of MFM, diners get to pick out a selection of grease papers to be used to dine on.

It’s basically a banana leaf on a whole new level!

We chose the simple yet informative grease paper that has specially designated markings to fish out the variety of tartar sauces, drinks, food and even our cutlery!

(Pic Credit: TRP)
You can choose to eat with your cutlery, or like us at TRP, we decided to go all out for the foodie experience.
(Pic Credit: TRP)

Together with their whole new look, Dickson highlights that there will be many USB ports and sockets for diners to charge their gadgets while recharging their tummies.

MFM’s reconceptualisation centres around us, millennials, who are young, well-travelled and adventurous diners.

Oreo covered goodness
(Pic Credit: TRP)
(Pic Credit: TRP)
(Pic Credit: TRP)

During our turtle-y radical dining, we were graced by Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs deputy minister, Chong Chieng Jen, who was ravished by the whole new dining experience.

Chong, together with Dickson and Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA)’s president and vice president, officiated the refreshing innovative concept in MFM’s Sunway Pyramid branch.

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs deputy minister, Chong Chieng Jen (CENTRE) holding the new menu
(Pic Credit: TRP)
(Pic Credit: TRP)

Good news: from August 19 to August 23, MFM will be offering meal deals for less than RM10 in their Syoking Seafood Deal.

(Pic Credit: google)

So what are you waiting for?

Visit the nearest MFM nearest to you! Especially the 4 new outlets at Wangsa Walk, Mid Valley, Setia City Mall and Sunway Pyramid, which have a fresh look and depth.

Then share with us, what’s your favourite on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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