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A DIY keropok lekor hack exists; it’s made from Mi sedaap

A DIY keropok lekor hack exists; it’s made from Mi sedaap

Malaysians are so ingenious with their creativity, and we are not talking about technology like homemade powerbanks or RFID locks, but FOOD!

Guess you don’t need to go Terengganu for keropok lekor now because all you need is a packet of Mi sedaap!

Plus, an egg, a sprinkle of some tapioca flour and voila!


Recently, a Facebook user shared their Keropok Lekor hack made through 8 easy steps where Mi sedaap was used as the main ingredient.

Here’s how you can make it:

1. Boil mee as per usual.

2. With a pestle and mortar, pound the boiled noodle.

3. Add the prepacked seasoning with an egg and mix thoroughly.

4. Slowly add about a ladle full of tapioca powder till the mixture becomes a ball of dough.

5. Roll the dough out into 4 long equal parts.

6. Proceed to boil the dough in boiling water

7. Cut the dough into small pieces, each about half an inch thickness

8. Finally, fry to a golden crisp!

Naturally, the internet is divided, with some looking forward to this clever recipe; tagging their friends to try it out in hostels.


However, some are doubting its taste, questioning what the “keropok lekor” would taste like.

Some though, feel this recipe is a waste of time.

Especially when you can easily get ready made keropok lekor by the roadside.

(Pic Credit: thesmartlocal)
(Pic Credit: quick meme)

We haven’t tried it yet so we can’t say for sure if it’ll turn out well.

But, since it looks pretty legit, we encourage you guys to try it out and share the results with us on our social platforms Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

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