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M’sian made DURIAN BEER is available in KL

M’sian made DURIAN BEER is available in KL

Hello durian fans, we’re back with more good(???) news!

Durian beer is a thing!

Picture Credit: Modern Madness

Durian and beer. Beer and durian. Together. In one drink.

But how are you feeling? You alright, bruh?


Once you’ve recovered from the news of this existence, you
could possibly hop into a bar nearby to try it out.

This durian beer is brewed locally and available
in KL

The brains behind this operation is Kennhyn Ang, co-founder
of Modern Madness, a range of Malaysian made beers.

Picture Credit: @ModernMadnessKL/Twitter

Now before you run off and try to brew your own beer, you should know that it’s extremely hard to get the license to brew beer in Malaysia because there is a limit on the issuance of brewing licenses.

Currently, only two companies have the license to brew beer in Malaysia, Heineken Malaysia Berhad and Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Berhad.


So how the heck did Kennhyn and the gang manage to brew the durian beer?

“Yes, the beer is brewed in Malaysia. But since we don’t have license to brew beers, I like to call what we do as “reverse brewing”.

We purchase beer that already paid duty and add on the local flavours to it.”


What it means is that instead of boiling in the flavour at the beginning of the brewing process, the flavour is added after fermentation.

According to Kennhyn, the process in making the durian beer takes about a week with roughly 10 tries to get it juuust right.

It involves A LOT of testing and A LOT of tweaking.

What does it taste like???

Well, each batch tastes a little bit different, so it’s hard
to say.

“While we need to have the durian taste, we also have to figure out how to make it drinkable.

It’s much harder when we use fresh fruits rather than flavouring. Hence, each batch also have different flavour from different durians we use.”


This writer has tested the durian beer for herself, the
first one tasted like dodol (yum) while the second one kinda
tasted like liquid durian (also yum, no joke).

Picture Credit: Modern madness

Basically, durian beer has the same effect as durian fruit. Some love it, some hate it. Such is the power of the King of Fruits.

If you’re wondering if the durian beer is heaty, we also have no idea. But we can already feel the judging looks from all the Chinese mothers out there.


If you’d like to try this aromatic brew for yourself, you can waltz into REXKL at Petaling Street orAles & Lagers in Publika.

Picture Credit: @ModernMadnessKL/Twitter

Best to hurry though, as the durian beer is only a temporary
guest, made only for special occasions. Plus Kennhyn says its not his favourite
to make because it stinks up the place. In his exact words:

“Never mess with the king of fruits.”

Made via Imgflip

Once you’re there you can actually try out a whole range of
Malaysian flavours IN BEER like Bak Kut Teh, Teh Tarik Ale
and Rosella Ale (hibiscus).

Bottoms up, guys!


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