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Durian fans, you can now enjoy Musang King Frappe thanks to IKEA Malaysia

Durian fans, you can now enjoy Musang King Frappe thanks to IKEA Malaysia

Durian. The sweet, wonderful, stinky fruit that’s always been a thorny issue dividing Malaysians.

Picture Credit: LocoMole

In fact, some people’s Malaysian-ness have been called into question over their hatred for the King of Fruits.

Well, looks like that love is put to the test again with Ikea’s new durian frappe.

Just released last week, the Musang King Frappe seems to be quite a hefty drink at 16 oz (about 500 ml). Then again, it’s the KING of fruits, a normal sized cup can never bear to hold such majesty.

Picture Credit: Great Deals Singapore

The good news is that it’s only RM9.90 so you don’t need to drop RM 200k like that one super rich fella at a Thai auction.

Picture Credit: @makanapa2dotcom via Twitter

According to a review on The Vocket, the frappe is made with ice and a durian powder so there’s no funny texture (meaning: no random durian strands stuck on your teeth. phew!)


This strange new blend is a temporary addition to the menu as
a part of Ikea Restaurant’s Durian Dessert Festival.

Other durian-y concoctions include durian puff, durian cake and durian tart.

Ikea’s Durian Tart
Picture Credit: Ikea

Ikea’s really been embracing Malaysia’s unofficial national fruit, huh? Remember when they released a Cendol Durian D24 Cake last month for Raya?

So if you feel like treating/torturing your tastebuds, you have until 31st July to take on this spiky challenge.


Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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