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You can FINALLY order the Quarter Pounder at McDonald’s Malaysia!

You can FINALLY order the Quarter Pounder at McDonald’s Malaysia!

Kirat Kaur

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen…

The Quarter Pounder is BACK!

Just in case you’re unaware what’s this rarely spotted burger (in Malaysia at least), the Quarter Pounder with Cheese is a glorious creature.

Picture Credit: McDonald’s

A quarter pound (about 113 grams) of sizzling beef patty is topped with onions, tart pickles and gooey slices of cheese between two fluffy bun….


The last time Malaysians had the beautiful opportunity to bite into this juicy burger was back in 2016.

Then mekdi decided to remove the item as a part of their menu rationalisation programme (excuse me, but how is taking away the Quarter Pounder rational??) and to make way for new menu items.

Looks like they’ve realised their mis-steak and we forgive them.


The Quarter Pounder is back in two juicy versions: Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

Picture Credit: Screenshot from McDelivery website

So you have not one, but TWO lovers to make your heart pound.

We’re so grateful to McD for this a-bun-dance <3


The return of the Quarter Pounder also coincides with the
first ever McD Elections which is looking to crown the No 1 favourite.

Picture Credit: McDonald’s Malaysia Facebook Page

The top three contenders are McChicken, Double Cheeseburger and Ayam Goreng McD. You get to cast your vote by ordering your favourite and whacking it down.

Ps: you can also vote for the Quarter Pounder. For some reason McDonald’s has decided to pair it with the Double Cheeseburger in the McD Elections.


So what are you waiting for, guys? Time to get your beef on and throw a patty!


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