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Penang & Kelantan’s new rules for eateries during Ramadhan

Penang & Kelantan’s new rules for eateries during Ramadhan

This Ramadhan, a few new rules for food sellers have popped up in Penang and Kelantan by the respective state governments.

In Penang, Ramadhan bazaar vendors can’t use their phones or wear accessories like watches while handling food or they’ll face a fine.

Technically, that bracelet means the akak serving the food is a lawbreaker.
(Pic via: Tourism Malaysia)

Last year, Penang collected RM18,200 in such fines according to State Health Department deputy director (Food Security and Quality Division) Ku Nafishah Ku Ariffin.

She said while most vendors follow the rules, some stubbornly refuse to adhere to attire and food safety regulations.

Meanwhile, in Kelantan, the State Government is ordering all restaurants and eateries to close down from 8.30pm to 10.00pm.

(Pic via: Tourism Malaysia)

The order came in the form of a letter, signed by Deputy State Secretary (Management) Datuk Adnan Hussin, directed to Local Governments in the state.

The letter states that the order is in respect of Ramadhan and to encourage Muslims to attend Tarawikh prayers at the mosques.

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