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Less obese countries eat more rice?

Less obese countries eat more rice?


A recent study of 136 countries shows that countries with higher levels of rice intake have lower levels of obesity.

“Countries that eat lots of rice are less obese?!” Well, maybe not exactly.

Remember, the Asian country with the highest rate of diabetes and obesity is Malaysia and we eat rice here.

Obesity rates according to the Economist Intelligence Unit 2017. Thanks.

While the recent study didn’t account for some factors that contribute to obesity such as genetics, the researchers did take into account lifestyle and socioeconomic factors.

And, while they could give supporting comments for wholegrain rice to reducing obesity, they weren’t sure why white rice would make a difference.

In the end, they played it safe summarized based on portion size.

“An appropriate amount of rice intake may prevent obesity”, says Professor Tomoko Imai from Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts.

“There are also reports that people who overeat rice are more likely to develop metabolic syndrome and diabetes.”

In other words, they couldn’t confirm a direct link between rice intake and obesity.

Al they could say was is that wholegrain rice is good for you because you don’t overeat, white rice is still unknown but if you overeat rice then you’ll get diabetes.

Probably because no one actually likes brown rice.

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