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Fake ‘The Alley’ canned drinks are being sold in Melaka

Fake ‘The Alley’ canned drinks are being sold in Melaka

The Alley Malaysia company just posted on Instagram denying having any canned drinks in the market.

This following news that some places in Melaka have been selling instant bubble tea with the famous Alley logo to the public.


This is quite upsetting, as the company is very strict about their drink production, handcrafting their own syrups and tapioca pearls.

With branches spread across Penang and Johor, it should be easy for people there to avoid these imitation canned Alley drinks.

There are over a dozen legit Alley drink stalls all around the Klang Valley to quench our thirst, especially during this hot weather.


Please do stay away from these fake drinks as they might be hazardous to our body and remember to always keep well-hydrated OK, guys!

Fake vs real
Pic Credit: Facebook
Stacks of “Alley” milk tea being sold
Pic Credit: Facebook

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