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M’sians are salting themselves to death

M’sians are salting themselves to death

A high salt diet contributes to organ failure and leads to one of the highest causes of deaths in Malaysia.

Knowing this, the Malaysian Health Ministry made no new friends yesterday when they listed a few of our favourite foods as having too much salt.

The Tweet was made in conjunction with Salt Awareness Week 2019 or Minggu Kesedaran Garam in Bahasa.

But how much salt is too much salt?

According to the WHO, you only need about ONE TEASPOON of salt a day!

Unfortunately, the average person consumes about double that amount which contributes to high blood pressure, risk of heart disease and even worse, a stroke!

That’s oily AND salty. Which is why it’s so delicious and deadly.

We also don’t want friends, so here are 5 more common foods that we bet you didn’t know had hidden salt!

1. Instant food
From imported potato crisps (or chips) to your local Mee Goreng Mamak.

2. High Protein Food
Anchovies (ikan bilis), liver, beef kidneys.

3. Baked beans
Our favourite go-to English breakfast or brunch staple. It turns out that tinned baked beans use salt as preservatives.

4. Fast Food
Okay, this one’s obvious but burger patties and fries are all packed with food stabilisers and artificial flavouring that have salt in them.

5. Sambal
Sadly, yet another staple that is loaded with salt. From the sauces to the anchovies, to stock cubes, all are loaded with salt.

Plus, salt makes you dehydrated, leaving your skin looking dry and wrinkly.

We don’t want that now, do we?

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