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BBC Global Series Spotlights Malaysia’s Connected Mangroves Project

BBC Global Series Spotlights Malaysia’s Connected Mangroves Project

The BBC documentary tells the story of how technology improves mangrove survival rates
and the overall ecosystem in Kampung Dato Hormat in Sabak Bernam, Selangor.

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The Award-winning Connected Mangroves project in Kampung Dato Hormat is now being featured as part of a BBC series called Age of Change: The Business of Survival.

The ‘Age of Change’ series on BBC shares aspirational stories of how businesses are addressing critical environmental challenges and repairing vulnerable ecosystems with innovative solutions.

Mangroves are a vital part of Malaysia’s ecosystem, protecting villages near coastlines and riverbanks from environmental risks and they are one of the most effective trees in the world for soaking up the carbon dioxide that leads to climate change. They can hold up to 5 times more carbon per hectare than tropical rainforests.

The Connected Mangroves project was started by leading 5G networks provider Ericsson in 2015. Together with partner volunteers, they have planted more than 4,000 trees and harnessed the power of mobile broadband, Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud to help increase the survival rate of the mangrove saplings from 40% to 80%.

Image: Ericsson/ BBC

The community of Kampung Dato Hormat, situated in Sabak Bernam, Selangor, where the project is located, have noticed positive bioindicators, such as the presence of more crabs, and an increase in fish catch, as well as less wildlife intrusion into their village. The mangroves have also created a protective barrier that shields them from flooding.

Projects like these demonstrate how information and communication technologies can help combat climate change. At Ericsson, we’re committed to improving lives and pioneering a sustainable future with the use of technology. Our Connected Mangroves project in Malaysia is a live example of this commitment.

Sonia Aplin, Head of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, Ericsson South East Asia, Oceania and India

The BBC documentary on the Connected Mangroves project is available for viewing online now on BBC Age of Change here and on Ericsson’s website.

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