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[Watch] Durian Hunks: Selling Fruits Or Just Eye Candy?

[Watch] Durian Hunks: Selling Fruits Or Just Eye Candy?

In a bold move to boost sales, a durian stall in Kampung Dato’ Abu Bakar Baginda, Bangi, has its male worker go shirtless while handling the thorny fruit.

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In the heart of Kampung Dato’ Abu Bakar Baginda, Bangi, a durian stall has taken an unconventional approach to attracting customers—having its male workers go shirtless while handling the intense, thorny fruit.

A video posted on TikTok by user Durian Papa Muda showcases bare-chested men lifting baskets of durians and skillfully opening the spiky delicacies while flaunting their toned physiques.

The video has since gone viral, igniting a lively debate among social media users. Some, particularly women, have expressed amusement and even jokingly inquired about the stall’s location.

“Suddenly, I’m craving durian,” one female TikTok user commented, while another playfully asked for the location, claiming that a friend had requested it.

Durian Stall’s Bare-Bodied Backlash

However, not everyone is thrilled by this “bare-bodied” marketing strategy.

Some users have criticized the stall’s approach, suggesting that the workers should be appropriately dressed, especially considering the stall’s apparent success.

“Surely you can afford to buy them shirts now, given how much profit you must be making,” one woman remarked.

Others have expressed their discomfort with the display of male bodies in this context.

“Am I the only woman who feels disgusted seeing men’s bodies like this?” another TikTok user questioned.

Durian Sellers Speak Out

Muhamad Amirul Zaihan Osman, 31, affectionately known as Meor, told Harian Metro that this is his second year selling durians alongside his family members.

His cousin Muhammad Al Irfan Mohamad Al Hady explained that the shirtless thing started unintentionally.

At the time, he was wearing a thick shirt and removed it because it was in the middle of the afternoon and he had to unload and arrange the durians that just arrived.

He did not expect that the videos recorded at the time would go viral.

Meor noted that this year’s response has been even better than last year’s, and he acknowledged that the viral TikTok video has played a significant role in attracting customers to their stall.

“There are five of us, and the others are my cousins, so it’s a family business,” Meor explained.

“We sold durians last year, too, but we didn’t go viral then.”

He added, “Last year, we were all skinny, but this year, we’ve built some muscle after getting back into the gym after a long break.”

Marketing Brilliance or Objectification?

The durian stall’s strategy has undoubtedly sparked a conversation about the fine line between innovative marketing and objectification.

While some see it as a harmless, attention-grabbing tactic, others argue that it undermines the workers’ dignity and reinforces problematic gender stereotypes.

As the debate rages on, one thing is clear – the shirtless hunks of Kampung Dato’ Abu Bakar Baginda have certainly made their mark on the local durian scene.

Whether this controversial strategy will continue to bear fruit for the stall remains to be seen, but for now, it has undeniably captured the public’s attention, for better or worse.

It’s worth noting that this is not the first time that handsome durian sellers have made headlines.

In the past, good-looking durian vendors have attracted customers with their charm and appearance.

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