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Royal Rumble: The Real Tokong Of Malaysian Football, Says TMJ

Royal Rumble: The Real Tokong Of Malaysian Football, Says TMJ

TMJ has publicly questioned the Malaysian Football League’s (MFL) decision to lighten the punishment imposed on Selangor FC after the initial fine drew the ire of the Sultan of Selangor

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In a post on his personal Instagram Story, Tunku Mahkota Ismail, the Crown Prince of Johor, expressed his deep concerns regarding the Malaysian Football League’s (MFL) recent decision to reduce the penalties imposed on Selangor FC.

The IG story post was then reshared by the Johor Southern Tigers on their official Facebook page.

MFL had previously faced the wrath of the Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, for the punishment they imposed against Selangor FC, which had greatly displeased the revered monarch.

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TMJ, as he is affectionately known, feared that the MFL’s leniency could set a dangerous precedent, encouraging other troubled teams to seek similar concessions by involving their respective Sultans in football matters.

The Crown Prince, who also owns the illustrious Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT) club, pointed out that his team had faced hefty fines amounting to hundreds of thousands of ringgit and even a six-month ban without any intervention from the Sultan of Johor.

TMJ’s Impassioned Plea: A Call for Equal Justice in Malaysian Football

In his message, TMJ questioned the fairness of the MFL’s decision, stating, “After this, any club that doesn’t pay salaries, withdraws at will or violates league rules can simply ask their Sultan to write a letter of displeasure, and it will be easily resolved.”

He further expressed his concern that other Sultans might now question why their states’ teams were not granted similar leniency, potentially leading to a cascade of preferential treatment requests.

He highlighted that despite his club’s past transgressions, the Sultan of Johor had never issued any statements or letters to influence the punishments they received.

TMJ even touched upon the irony of the situation, sarcastically saying that those who had previously criticized the MFL had better praise them now for this latest decision.

A Royal Reckoning: TMJ’s Clarion Call for Fairness in Malaysian Football

In a powerful conclusion, TMJ declared, “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the true ‘Tokong’ (deity) of Malaysian football.”

While it resonated with some fans, this statement also earned criticism from many.

Yesterday (27 June), MFL said it used its discretionary powers to reconsider the decision to fine Selangor FC RM100,000 for the club’s failure to appear at the Charity Shield match against JDT on 10 May.

The fine is now reduced to RM60,000 but MFL maintains that Selangor FC has to bear the compensation for losses incurred by MFL and JDT.

However, this amount has not been disclosed.

As the fallout from TMJ’s statement continues to reverberate through the Malaysian football community, it remains to be seen how the MFL and other stakeholders will respond to this royal intervention.

The Crown Prince’s words have undoubtedly sparked a much-needed conversation about fairness, consistency, and the role of royal influence in the beautiful game.

For now, all eyes are on the MFL as fans and players alike await their next move in this unfolding drama.

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