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Mee Tarik Mix-Up: Family Shocked by Pork Rice Delivery, Foodpanda Ensures Investigation

Mee Tarik Mix-Up: Family Shocked by Pork Rice Delivery, Foodpanda Ensures Investigation

Even worse, the non-halal food was consumed by the victim’s children as soon as they received the meal ordered online by their father.

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UPDATE: Foodpanda, in a statement, confirms they are aware of the issue and extends their sincerest apologies to the customer affected.

They have also conducted an investigation and appropriate measures are being taken to address the situation and ensure that this will not repeat in the future.

In a food delivery mishap, a Muslim family unknowingly consumed pork after they allegedly received a wrong order.

According to a post on @nebbiebaby’s TikTok account, a food delivery worker allegedly delivered a pork-based meal to her house by mistcake.

The family had ordered from a trusted halal restaurant, Mee Tarik Warisan, but received the pork meal from a different establishment.

@nebbiebaby Tolong saya mcm mana nk dapat contact dari foodpanda!! Buat report mereka hanya minta maaf dah refund sahaja.. makanan anak2 tak perasan.. jadi dah makan sikit .. baru perasan.. #foodpanda @foodpanda Malaysia #foodpandaproblem ♬ original sound – Nebbiethecat

The order was placed by the father for his hungry children while their mother was occupied with an online class.

The children consumed the meal because the receipt was allegedly placed deep within the plastic bag before the error was discovered.

@nebbiebaby mentioned that she had placed the same order many times before, and since her children aren’t picky eaters, they ate without hesitation.

She now feels very guilty about the whole situation.

Mix-Up Sparks Outcry

Following the incident, social media users sympathised with the affected family, especially the children involved.

They urged others to verify their orders carefully and highlighted the importance of checking restaurant credentials, especially in racially diverse areas.

The incident has also sparked a broader conversation about food safety and delivery practices.

Netizens questioned the order’s details, suggesting various scenarios that could have led to the mix-up.

Some speculated that the rider might have handled multiple deliveries simultaneously, leading to the unfortunate error.

The rider was also blamed for being careless and not using common sense.

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