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“Go Retake Next Year” Mom Wants Son To Redo SPM Because He Didn’t Get Straight A’s

“Go Retake Next Year” Mom Wants Son To Redo SPM Because He Didn’t Get Straight A’s

Mohamad Haziq’s TikTok post revealing his mother’s disappointment over his E in SPM Mathematics has gone viral, sparking a heartfelt conversation about parental expectations and student achievements.

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In a heartfelt and emotional revelation, SPM graduate Mohamad Haziq shared his result on TikTok, where his mother expressed disappointment over his E grade in Mathematics.

The post captured a poignant moment as Haziq’s mother urged him to retake the Math exam, hoping for a better outcome.

The post quickly garnered attention online and highlighted students’ pressures and expectations.

Haziq’s SPM results included 4A (Malay, English, History, and Science), 2A- (Commerce and Islamic Worldview), B+ (Islamic Education), and B (Geography).

Despite these commendable grades, his mother was fixated on the E in Mathematics, believing it marred his otherwise impressive performance.

In the shared transcript, Haziq asked, “Are you proud of yourself?”

His mother’s reaction was stern: “It’s just passing. The 9 subjects should be 9A+.”

She feared that the E in Mathematics would hinder his chances of getting into a good university and advised him to retake the exam to achieve better results.

“You got 6A, 2B, and 1E. Although you passed, your results were not satisfactory,” she lamented.

From Heartache to Hope: Haziq’s Viral TikTok Sparks a Wave of Support and Gratitude

The TikTok post resonated with many, drawing a flood of reactions from netizens.

Some encouraged Haziq not to despair and suggested he retake the math subject, emphasizing its importance for entry into public universities.

One netizen commented, “Same as my father, he never appreciates my achievements. He just knows ‘do better for next time, ‘tak memuaskan.’ (not satisfactory)”

Haziq later issued a public apology, clarifying that his intention was not to shame his family but to share his journey and encourage gratitude for all his achievements.

He acknowledged his mother’s harsh words were driven by her desire for him to excel and understood her perspective.

In a touching conclusion, Haziq thanked everyone for their prayers and positive messages.

He also expressed gratitude for the support and emphasized the importance of striving for improvement while appreciating what one has achieved.

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