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RM44 For A Mercedes EQC? Netizens Left Stunned By Unrealistic Fare Demand

RM44 For A Mercedes EQC? Netizens Left Stunned By Unrealistic Fare Demand

The incredulous request has people questioning the sanity behind such an expectation, especially considering the luxury associated with the Mercedes brand.

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In the latest social media uproar, a user’s audacious demand for a Mercedes ride at the meagre price of RM44 has left netizens both amused and outraged.

The comment, posted on a social media e-hailing page, reads: “Bayar RM44 nak Mercedes… Kalau org tu boleh pakai Mercedes x keje dah ngan Indreba ni palatao…” (translated: “Pay RM44 for a Mercedes… If someone can afford a Mercedes, they wouldn’t be working with Indreba, palatao…”).

A screenshot of the comment that sparked the controversy. (Pix: Facebook)

One netizen, Addy EnamJari, humorously suggested checking the one-night rate at W Hotel (the pickup location), implying that the demand was unrealistic.

Another commenter, พอลลีน ซอ, pointed out the absurdity by comparing it to her experience in 2008 when a taxi ride from Puchong to KLIA cost RM85.

Muhammad Fikri Awaludin echoed the sentiment by stating how cheap RM44 is for a trip from KL to KLIA.

At the same time, Denver Yu cynically remarked that only a “driver c*bai” (a derogatory term) would accept such a fare.

Syahir Mustafa speculated that perhaps the commenter hailed from another planet, given the unrealistic nature of the request.

Electric Dream

The model in question, the Mercedes EQC, is a fully electric luxury SUV far from an entry-level vehicle.

For context, the Mercedes Benz EQC price in Malaysia starts from RM393,888 for the base variant.

Hence, the idea of securing such a ride for RM44 seems laughable to many.

InDrive is a ride-hailing app that allows passengers to set their own fares for rides. Drivers can then accept or reject the fare offer. If a driver accepts the fare, they are obligated to complete the ride

While everyone loves a good deal, expecting to ride in luxury for less than a budget meal is pushing the boundaries of reason.

Ride-Hailing Reality Check: 27km for just RM9? What do they think this is, a bus service? (Pix: Facebook)

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