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Customer Asks Foodpanda Rider To Help Get Rid Of Cockroach

Customer Asks Foodpanda Rider To Help Get Rid Of Cockroach

The customer was too frightened to remove the cockroach from her living room.

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We all have fears of our own. Some of us are afraid of heights, while others are afraid of needles. Be it rational or not, these fears can be paralysing when we are faced with them. Take this TikTok user, Germain in Singapore for instance. 

Germain, who is afraid of cockroaches, was alone at home when she encountered a cockroach at night in her living room. Prior to this, she would usually close her windows to prevent insects from flying in. 


But since there were no incidents of it recently, she stopped the habit of doing so. Unfortunately, a cockroach decided it was time to pay her a visit. 

“Woke up in the middle of the night and ordered Foodpanda. Stepped into the living room and I saw there’s a big black thing on the floor and I had a major bad feeling,” wrote the user in her video. 

And she was right as her suspicions were confirmed when she put on her spectacles. Paralysed, she quickly texted her friend to check if he was home. He had previously helped her to catch cockroaches and other insects numerous times in the past. 


This time, however, he was not home. Left with no other choice, she quickly texted the Foodpanda delivery rider, who had just delivered her food. 

“Hi, can help me catch cockroach? Desperate,” wrote Germain nervously in the Foodpanda app. Although he was surprised, the good samaritan decided to help. 


When he reached her place, she quickly handed him a can of insecticide to kill the cockroach behind her pet hamster’s cage. To her surprise, he rejected it and asked for tissues instead. 

Once she gave him three tissues, he gently picked up the cockroach and disposed of it. And then quietly left for home since this was his last food order. 

Human or not? 

Germaine was naturally impressed and grateful to him. Hence, she wanted to thank him for his help by tipping him. Sadly, she could not as the delivery had been marked as completed on the system. 


“Tried to tip after he left and realised Foodpanda doesn’t allow tipping riders after delivery was done. I really really really wanted to tip him.” 

She added that the rider also helped her throw her rubbish on his way out. As such, she hopes that Foodpanda will be alerted of the situation and reward him for his kindness. 

“Thank you Foodpanda rider Desmond my saviour for your efficiency. You and your family and your descendants will be blessed,” concluded Germaine. 


Apart from Germaine herself, many users on TikTok were in awe of his bravery too.

They praised him for going the extra mile, sending their blessings to him and his descendants. Others were just genuinely enjoying how hilarious the situation was. 

But what are your thoughts on this? Would you have managed to kill the cockroach? Or would you too resort to calling brave Desmond? 

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