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Man With RM5,000 Monthly Salary Shares His Struggle To Make Ends Meet

Man With RM5,000 Monthly Salary Shares His Struggle To Make Ends Meet

Amirulz’s story sheds light on the struggles many Malaysians face living on a tight budget due to rising living costs and stagnant wages.

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A 39-year-old man with a monthly salary of RM5,000 has gone viral on social media after sharing his monthly expenses and commitments.

In a Facebook post, the man, known only as Amirulz, listed his expenses, including car and house rent, his wife’s allowance, his mother’s expenses, and his children’s school fees.

He also mentioned that he could not reduce the expenses for his mother in the village, who supports her two other brothers who are disabled (OKU).

Amirulz’s Monthly Expenses And Commitments

Amirulz does not smoke, subscribe to water filter services, or take loans or insurance despite his financial struggles.

He feels sorry for his wife’s tiredness and is more willing to work and respect all mothers.

Salary RM5,000 every month. Pay for Saga car (RM550), flat house (RM700), wife’s allowance (RM800), for mother (RM800), Netflix (RM33), electricity bill (RM80) and groceries (RM900).

Amirulz gives a breakdown of his expenses and why it is burdening him.

He added that the school expenses for his five children included RM440 for school bus fees.

Ultimately, only RM500 to RM600 is left to top up the phone credit and fill up the motor oil to go to work every day.

Amirulz’s post has received much attention on social media, with many netizens expressing sympathy and support for his situation.

Through a separate message, Amirulz explained that he was sharing and did not intend to complain about his salary of RM5,000.

He also commented on comments that described his wife’s maintenance of RM800 a month as high.

On the other hand, the amount is considered low when compared to the wife’s commitment and responsibility.

I used to stay home during the holidays and tried to do my wife’s work for a week. It’s doubly tiring, and 24 hours a day, I have to deal with the hassle of children washing clothes and cooking.

Amirulz expressing the other challenges he face in managing the household.

Amirulz works in the construction industry, and his company’s policy does not allow him to work part-time or have another job.

Raising Awareness About Financial Struggles In Malaysia

His story sheds light on many Malaysians’ struggles living on a tight budget.

Many families struggle to make ends meet with rising living costs and stagnant wages.

It is important to raise awareness about these issues and work towards finding solutions to help those struggling financially.

The cost of living in Malaysia is generally considered to be low compared to other countries.

According to a 2022 guide by Wise, Malaysia’s low cost of living and high quality of life make it an attractive destination for expats.

Meanwhile, Numbeo reported that a family of four can expect to spend RM7,523.8 per month without rent, while a single person can expect to spend RM2,140.9 per month without rent.

However, the cost of living can vary depending on location, lifestyle, and family size.

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