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General Knowledge Gap Among Malaysia’s Tech-Savvy Generation Z Made Obvious By Viral Video

General Knowledge Gap Among Malaysia’s Tech-Savvy Generation Z Made Obvious By Viral Video

During the interviews, all three individuals immediately recognized Lalisa but unfortunately were unable to identify Tunku Abdul Rahman.

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Malaysia’s Generation Z, referring to those born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s, is characterized as a technologically adept and information-driven cohort that has grown up during a period of rapid technological progress. 

Despite this, there is a concerning issue prevalent within this generation – a general knowledge gap.

In a recent video shared by @BigIdeasMY, a blog that covers various topics including technology, telecommunications, recommended products, investments, business, real estate, and more, an interviewer conducted a social experiment by showing pictures of two prominent individuals to young Malaysians. 

The first picture was of the well-known singer Lalisa Manobal, commonly known as Lisa from the group BlackPink. 

The second picture was of Tunku Abdul Rahman, the founding father of Malaysia.

During the interviews, all three individuals recognized the singer immediately but unfortunately were unable to identify Tunku Abdul Rahman. 

This lack of recognition for such an important figure prompted netizens to comment on the young generation’s limited general knowledge, expressing sadness over their unfamiliarity with someone of Tunku Abdul Rahman’s significance.

Twitter user @zafranmustafa emphasized that recognizing prominent historical figures should be considered basic knowledge for all Malaysians.

He also urged people to read more books to improve their understanding.

Another Twitter user, @NAFarhanaZ, expressed concern that this lack of recognition suggests a potential failure of the Malaysian education system in equipping the younger generation with essential knowledge. 

I really hope this is just the content though. If this is a so-called future, well then we’re screwed. Imma start asking history questions to all Gen Z yang aku kenal from now on.

@NAFarhanaZ via Twitter

Sharing a related experience, Twitter user @sherfiqashrdn noted that many people nowadays have limited knowledge about politics.

In interviews conducted in public, she mentioned that it took considerable time for individuals to identify the current prime minister. 

Some participants were unaware of the answer, and they had to be provided with the information.

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