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Teacher Struggles to Teach High-Level Math Problem To Third-Grade Students

Teacher Struggles to Teach High-Level Math Problem To Third-Grade Students

38 students, 2 math problems, and only 4 understood.

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Mathematics has always been challenging for many students, but even teachers seem to struggle to teach young minds high-level thinking skills.

Mohd Fadli Salleh, an internet celebrity teacher, recently took to Facebook to share his struggles teaching high-level math problems to his third-grade students.

According to Mohd Fadli, he spent nearly an hour explaining two math problems to 38 students, but only four students understood the concepts.

The first math problem required the students to list the number of people who visited a fruit fest over three days.

The second problem involved calculating the number of pearls in a box.

Mohd Fadli, known for speaking out about issues in the education system, described the problems as “super high level” for third-grade students.

Mohd Fadli believes that the Malaysian curriculum and syllabus are good and comparable to developed countries, but certain conditions must be met to be effective.

He suggested reducing the number of students in the class, increasing math learning time from 5 hours a week to at least 10 hours, and improving school facilities and infrastructure.

Calls For Adjustments To The Syllabus And Teaching Methods To Improve Student Performance

The post has sparked heated discussions among netizens, with many parents agreeing with Mohd Fadli’s views.

Some have shared their struggles with teaching their children at home, while others have pointed out that students need to develop high-level thinking skills in addition to answering direct questions.

The level of mathematics syllabus in elementary schools has been a concern for many teachers and parents, with some rural students losing interest in mathematics due to its difficulty.

Mohd Fadli’s post highlights the need for a more effective curriculum and teaching methods to ensure students can master high-level thinking skills and succeed in their studies.

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