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Car Sales Rep Allegedly Disappears With Over RM1m In Deposits And Full Payments

Car Sales Rep Allegedly Disappears With Over RM1m In Deposits And Full Payments

The sales representative is said to have worked at a Honda dealership in Petaling Jaya.

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A sales representative at a Honda dealership in PJ has become the subject of a manhunt after allegedly committing fraudulent activities.

The sales rep has reportedly disappeared after collecting deposits and full payments from customers before failing to deliver their vehicles.

According to a posting in Malaysia Automotive Shitposting, over 10 customers have suffered significant financial losses, with the estimated total exceeding 1 million ringgit.

The victims and the dealership have reported the incident to the police, but authorities have yet to apprehend the suspect.

The sales rep is believed to reside in Puchong and was employed at the Honda dealership in PJ.

Suspect’s Family Distancing Themselves From Her

Her family members have allegedly distanced themselves from her.

Her husband who is a real estate agent, claims to have divorced her due to the severity of the situation.

The Facebook post also alleged that the sales rep had meticulously planned this scheme, as she had set up a company account to collect full payments.

In some cases, customers paid in cash at the showroom, and she deceitfully claimed that the company’s system was malfunctioning, preventing the printing of receipts.

Instead, she provided handwritten receipts to the customers.

Only later, when the dealership informed the customers that they hadn’t made any payment and couldn’t receive their vehicles, they realized they had been deceived.

Meanwhile, the dealership stated that the suspect is no longer working there.

Need For Consumer Caution And Vigilance

The victims are urging anyone who has bought a car from the sales rep and discovered they had been deceived to report the matter to the authorities immediately.

A substantial reward awaits those who assist in her capture. It is important to note that these are allegations and have not been confirmed by authorities.

The incident has sparked outrage among the affected customers, who are calling for justice to be served.

The case serves as a reminder for consumers to be cautious when dealing with large sums of money and to verify any transactions before making payments.

Affected customers expressing their disappointment with the car dealership. (Pix: Facebook)

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