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Netizen Claims Immigration Officer Want Cigarettes As Bribe

Netizen Claims Immigration Officer Want Cigarettes As Bribe

The bribe is alleged to shorten the passport processing time.

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A man has claimed that an Immigration officer at the Johor Bahru Urban Transformation Center (UTC) had blatantly asked for bribes.

The incident allegedly happened when he went there to apply for a passport for his baby.

He recently arrived at UTC with his baby at 10 am and took a number for his turn.

It was estimated that it would be his turn at 11:30 am, and he would have to wait for about an hour and a half.

Suddenly, an immigration official saw him with a young baby, so he came forward to “care” and offered help to speed up the completion of his passport application.

The condition was that he needed to give the officer two packs of cigarettes.

Sin Chew reported the man’s encounter and published his Facebook post.

The man claimed that he declined the offer.

Instead, he responded that he would consider it and then continued to fill in the information.

When the man finished filling out the information, the official said to the man again: “It is okay if you do not want it, or you can wait for an hour.”

Because he wants to do the right thing, the man waits for his turn.

However, he watched the people who came in from behind go to the counter to pay.

He suspected it means that many people have accepted the “special treatment” from officials.

Patience Has Its Limits

When he saw that people who arrived at the immigration office at 11:30 in the morning had paid ahead of him and already received their passports, he felt even angrier.

When he went to the counter to inquire, the officer on duty told him that when it was his turn, he would naturally deal with it and asked him to continue to wait patiently.

In the end, the man waited for 3 hours and 45 minutes at the immigration office before he successfully got the child’s passport.

He has doubts about this incident, saying that if parents bring a young baby, shouldn’t a special counter exist to apply for a passport?

He pointed out that it was not easy to take care of the baby alone, but he could still manage.

However, he loathed the culture of civil servants asking for bribes.

Integrity In The Civil Service

After his post was uploaded, netizens started heated discussions.

Many believed that such unhealthy atmosphere should be eradicated so that the efficiency of civil servants can be improved.

In response, Stulang assemblyman Chen Kah Eng told Sin Chew that the UTC Immigration Department should investigate the matter and take action if it is true.

The accusation came in the wake of another incident in which a policeman allegedly demanded bribe from a female tourist from China.

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If you suspect corruption or have concerns about the conduct of civil servants or any other individuals, it is advisable to report it to the appropriate authorities.

You can report it to agencies such as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) or other relevant agencies, for investigation and appropriate action.

It is important to rely on credible and verified sources of information when making judgments or forming opinions about corruption or any other issue.

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