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Malaysia’s Dearly Beloved Curry Laksa Now Belongs To Singapore

Malaysia’s Dearly Beloved Curry Laksa Now Belongs To Singapore

Curry laksa is a beloved comfort food in Malaysia.

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Curry laksa, one of Malaysia’s most beloved dishes commonly enjoyed with family and friends, either at home or at hawker stalls, is now Singapore’s.

The flavourful and spicy coconut-based curry soup, which usually consists of noodles, often known as vermicelli, is ranked among the best soup dishes in the world.

The best curry laksa is often garnished with cockles. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

Curry laksa is known for its rich and aromatic flavours, and it is a beloved dish among locals and tourists alike.

And according to Taste Atlas, an online guide for traditional food, curry laksa hails from Singapore.

Curry laksa is typically served with toppings such as chicken, shrimp, tofu puffs, and bean sprouts and is often garnished with fresh herbs or curry leaves.

It is often considered a comfort food in Malaysia, especially on rainy days or in cool weather.

Malaysians enjoy the comforting feeling of slurping up the noodles and savouring the flavours of the curry broth.

It is so important that when a top-ranked curry laksa restaurant in Kuantan closed for many days, the local newspaper sent a reporter to find out what is happening.

The base of curry laksa is a thick and aromatic broth made from a combination of spices such as lemongrass, galangal, turmeric, and chilli paste. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

In short, curry laksa is not only enjoyed for its taste, but it also holds cultural significance in Malaysia, a dish that represents the nation’s diverse culinary heritage.

Furthermore, curry laksa has gained international recognition as one of Malaysia’s signature dishes.

It is often featured in Malaysian tourism campaigns, promoting Malaysia’s unique food culture.

Tofu puffs are also important to make curry laksa comforting and flavorful. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

Same Same, But Different

Given how important curry laksa is to Malaysian, attributing it to Singapore will surely open up old wounds.

Malaysia’s tiny neighbour down south has been known to claim its big brother’s food and culture as its own.

Singapore has claimed they invented this and that, such as nasi lemak and chicken rice, and Malaysians are merely copying them.

Perhaps it is high time for food review websites such as Taste Atlas to approach such topics sensitively.

There is a need to respect diverse cultural perspectives and a recognition of the complexities involved in culinary history and heritage.

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