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Parent Slammed For Recording Her Search For Lost Son At Shah Alam Mall

Parent Slammed For Recording Her Search For Lost Son At Shah Alam Mall

The son was lost in a Shah Alam mall while the family was shopping for Hari Raya.

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Losing one’s kid in a mall is an absolute nightmare.

But a mother could still record the incident while looking for her son.

The woman claimed she spent more than half an hour with her husband and family looking for her son.

She uploaded her ordeal on social media and drew flak for it.

Some netizens doubt if the incident was real, as most parents would have gone into panic mode.

Others pointed out that it was an example of social media content overload, where people may be sharing too much content that isn’t helpful or appropriate.

The woman claimed her son was there one moment while they were shopping, but the kid was gone before the adults knew it.

In the video, it could be seen that a mall security guard was trying to reassure the mother.

Accordingly, the guard told her that her son had been found.

Although she was accused of making content out of it, many netizens empathised with her situation.

They said losing one’s kid in a mall is what they were always afraid of when they first became a parent.

The woman also uploaded a second video to social media.

The mother reunited with the kid in the second video at the mall’s security office.

@hellohampa Alhamdullillah dah jumpa Rauf. Thank you pada pihak security PKNS Shah Alam yg sgt prihatin dan baik. Tak lupa jugak pada semua yg mendoakan Rauf. ❤️Lain kalilah mummy beli baju raya😅 #hellohampa #fyp #raya #tragedi #videoviral ♬ original sound – Hello Hampa by Rose Zainol

What To Do If Your Child Is Lost In A Mall?

Losing a child in a mall can be a traumatic experience for both the child and the parents.

If you have lost a child in a mall, it’s important to take action immediately to increase your chances of finding them.

  1. Stay calm: The first thing parents should do is to remain calm. Panic can make it difficult to think clearly and make rational decisions.
  2. Notify mall security: Parents should immediately contact mall security and report that their child is missing. Mall security personnel are trained to deal with such situations, and they will be able to launch a search quickly.
  3. Search the immediate area: Parents can search the immediate area around them while waiting for mall security. They should look in nearby stores, restrooms, and other public spaces.
  4. Seek assistance: Parents can ask for help from other shoppers or store employees. They can describe their child and ask if anyone has seen them.
  5. Provide detailed information: When speaking to mall security, parents should provide as much information as possible about their child, such as their name, age, height, weight, clothing description, and identifying features.
  6. Stay put: If the child is not found quickly, parents should stay put at the last location where they saw their child. Mall security may need to take them to the security office to gather more information.
  7. Stay in contact: Parents should contact mall security and provide any updates about their child’s whereabouts. They should also have a mobile phone and ensure the battery is fully charged.

Remember, it’s important to teach children what to do if they get lost in a mall, such as staying in one place and finding a store employee or security guard for help.

Having a designated meeting spot in case they get separated from their parents is also a good idea.

Losing a child in a mall can be a scary and stressful experience, but taking quick action and following these steps can help increase the chances of a safe and speedy recovery.

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