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Malay Parent Educates Child On Seeing Crosses In School

Malay Parent Educates Child On Seeing Crosses In School

The father explained to his daughter about sitting near crosses in school, among others.

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A Malay parent was recently asked by his primary school kid about ‘plus’ signs in the convent school she attended, which was said to be in Melaka.

The father, Khairul Nizam Omar, said he got the question on the first week of school.

She asked me so many challenging questions. Among her questions, dad, what is the plus-plus symbol near the school wall? Referring to the cross symbol for the Christian religion. So I have to explain bit by bit for the kid to understand.

Parent Khairul Nizam Omar on unexpected questions from his daughter on what she saw in school.

He said the next question is more challenging: can we Muslims sit near the cross?

He explained by saying that there are non-Muslims who spend their days in front of the mosque and would hear the call to prayer, but nothing happens to them.

Khairul Nizam said religion is not about what one touches by hand or sees with one’s eyes.

Religion is deep down there while I point to her heart. Can people touch me if I have hands? She nodded. Can someone touch Asya with their eyes? She nodded. Can someone touch your heart? She shook his head. So, what are we going to be afraid of?

Parent Khairul Nizam Omar explaining on religion and faith to his daughter.

He added that his daughter also asked him to buy her a baju kurung with a hijab.

The daughter said her friends had asked why she doesn’t wear a baju kurung.

A Multi-Religious Country Where Different Religions Coexist

His posting on Facebook has been widely applauded and shared by netizens.

They admired him as a responsible parent who upholds his faith while teaching his kid about multi-faith harmony.

They said it is important to remember that most Malaysians respect and tolerate the beliefs and practices of others.

Most Malaysians, regardless of their religious affiliation, respect and tolerate the beliefs and practices of others.

In the past, there had been concerns with using certain religious symbols, including accidental ones.

In general, the matter had also been impacted by the perception that Christians attempt to proselytize or convert Muslims to their faith.

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Malaysia has laws restricting the propagation of other religions to Muslims, which means that attempts to convert Muslims to other religions may be seen as violating these laws.

Islam is the official religion of the Federation of Malaysia, enshrined in Article 3(1) of the Malaysian Federal Constitution.

It states, “Islam is the religion of the Federation, but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation.”

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