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Police Want Local DJ’s Rich Boyfriend For ‘Sleeping’ While Driving

Police Want Local DJ’s Rich Boyfriend For ‘Sleeping’ While Driving

The couple was in a BMW and on their way to Ipoh.

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Police are looking to arrest and fine the boyfriend of influencer Gatita Yan.

The men in blue want the man for falling asleep or pretending to be asleep behind the wheel to get attention while putting the BMW iX on autopilot mode on the highway.

Yan, who posted on her personal Instagram on 28 March, showed her boyfriend fast asleep in the driver’s seat with both his hands and feet off the steering wheel and pedals.

The post was deleted, but not before a netizen reported the matter to the authorities, who are now hunting the driver, named Tay Wee Shen.

Sin Chew quoted Perak Police Chief Mohd Yusri Hassan Basri as saying that drivers can use automatic driving systems while driving.

However, they must be alert to take control of the car in an emergency for their safety and that of other drivers.

Police Bans Hands-Free Driving

The police had previously said drivers are banned from using automatic driving systems and driving without holding the steering wheel in Malaysia. 

It came after a viral video of a Tesla Model 3 owner showing the car’s autopilot system functions by driving ‘hands-free’ from Singapore to Penang.

At that time, Chief Assistant Director of Bukit Aman Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Superintendent Dr Bakri Zainal Abidin said Malaysia currently does not have regulations or laws against automatic driving systems.

However, these systems do not help drivers fully concentrate on driving – the system cannot ascertain whether a driver is sitting in the vehicle.

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He said this would probably cause drivers to pay less attention to the traffic around them and spend their time on other things that distract them from driving, such as using mobile phones.

Bakri added that even the United States restricts the use of autopilot vehicles.

Today, some cars’ “autopilot” feature is typically a semi-automated driving feature rated at Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Level 2.

That means it still requires the driver to pay full attention and be ready to take over when needed. 

Although Tesla’s Beta Full Auto Driving Test (FSD Beta) is in the market, it is only an SAE Level 2 driver support feature, not 100% automated driving.

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