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Husband Seeks Help, ‘Sloppy’ Wife Is Now Different After Marriage

Husband Seeks Help, ‘Sloppy’ Wife Is Now Different After Marriage

The husband complains that the wife litters the home with used sanitary pads.

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A husband complained that he could not bear his wife’s sloppiness after they were married.

He claimed she would casually leave used sanitary napkins in the bathroom, which made him feel completely different from when he first fell in love!

The man noted that his wife’s sloppy nature after marriage was evident.

He said she was completely different compared to the woman he knew when they first fell in love.

When we were dating, I did not know about her laziness, because the image I saw was one that was beautiful, fragrant and clean.

The husband on the dissatifaction with his life partner.

The man aired his grouse anonymously on a Facebook group called IIUM Confessions, a place where netizens shared their personal problems in life.

Washing Dirty Linen In Public

The post attracted the attention and discussion of netizens as he complained that his wife was not only lazy but also filthy.

For example, after showering, she would just throw the wet towel on the floor instead of hanging it up.

He claimed the wife only picked up the wet towel from the floor when she needed to use them.

Another bad habit of his wife is to leave things around, especially drinking cups, which she left everywhere after use, such as the sofa armrest, coffee table and TV cabinet.

The makeup remover cotton pads she used are thrown on the dressing table, and she never used the small trash can I prepared for her by the dressing table.

The husband elaborating on the long list of complaints.

He pointed out that his wife also had a basket for dirty clothes.

However, her dirty clothes were always on a chair, on the side of the bed or in a corner.

Til Death Do Us Part

The man also asked his mother-in-law to persuade her daughter because his wife’s living habits made it difficult for him to accept.

The husband said he tried to accept and tolerate his wife’s living habits, but there is a limit to a person’s patience.

The man revealed that he is also trying to take his wife to consult a psychologist or counsellor.

For him, his wife’s sloppy personality is a ‘disease’.

I still have to live with her for a long time. What should I do if she does not want to change herself?

The husband seeking solutions even as he despairs over his married life.

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