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Cameron Highlands Young Farmer Is Rich With RM400k Monthly

Cameron Highlands Young Farmer Is Rich With RM400k Monthly

He started off with RM10,000 grant from the government.

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A young man is reaping a bountiful harvest by cultivating vegetable and fruit crops in Lojing, near Cameron Highlands.

With an area of ​​12 hectares, his crops had been successfully marketed in the country and exported to Singapore.

Chung Chia Khang, 28, affectionately known as Ah Kai, achieved success after a difficult phase of seven years developing the fertigation farm.

I started with 1,000 polybags in my home area in Kampung Keroh, Kuala Krai and have now increased to over 100,000 polybags planted with various types of vegetables and fruits such as cabbage, corn, tomatoes, celery, leeks, coriander, white radish, beans as well as ‘rock melon.’

Farmer Chung Chia Khang on the variety of crops that made him rich.

These vegetables are sent to wholesalers in Kampung Raja, Cameron Highlands, and Pahang before being exported abroad.

Chung said that a total of 40,000 cabbage plants cultivated on 1.2 hectares of land also began to produce results with almost a ton of cabbage harvested daily.

Thanks to his devotion to the land, he admits he can now harvest between 40 and 70 tons of vegetables per month.

That translates into an income of up to RM400,000, and he successfully established a company, Lojifarmers, last year.

His interest in agro-agriculture arose after participating in an agricultural course organized by the Rubber Industry Smallholder Development Authority (Risda) upon completing the Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM).

It was his mother who registered his name to participate.

From there, he started on a small scale by getting help from Risda’s Additional Economic Activity (AET) program of RM10,000 to develop agricultural areas.

My decision to choose agriculture turned out to be the right one because the price of vegetables in the market now shows an increase; even last year, it went up by more than 50 per cent compared to a year or two before that,

Farmer Chung Chia Khang on the turning point in his life.

Not Exactly A Bed Of Roses

It isn’t easy to make a general statement about the wealth of farmers in Cameron Highlands.

Their financial situation can vary greatly depending on various factors such as the size of their farm, the crops they grow, and their management practices.

While some farmers in Cameron Highlands may be relatively wealthy due to successful farming operations, others may struggle to make ends meet.

Farming is a challenging and often unpredictable profession that is highly dependent on weather, soil quality, and market demand, which can impact a farmer’s income.

Farming in Cameron Highlands can be highly competitive, with many farmers vying for limited resources such as land, water, and labour.

Farmers may also face pests and diseases, which can negatively impact crop yields and income.

In summary, while some farmers in Cameron Highlands may be relatively well-off, there is no guarantee that all farmers in the region are wealthy.

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