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Retiree Dies After Being Mowed Down By Drunkards At Midnight

Retiree Dies After Being Mowed Down By Drunkards At Midnight

The victim was confirmed dead after 11 hours of fighting for his life at Melaka Hospital.

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A retiree was killed after telling a man who was believed to be a drunk driver to keep the noise down and stop bothering other people.

Following the altercation, 57-year-old Sa’adon Sahat was sent to the Melaka Hospital for emergency treatment.

After 11 hours, he died due to internal bleeding on the head and injuries to his body and feet.

He died at 2:04 pm on Wednesday (1 March).

The incident happened around 2:40 am the day before at Plaza Pandan Malim.

In an interview with Harian Metro, the son of the deceased said two men had parked in the parking lot of a local restaurant.

Excessive Drinking

It was around midnight on the night of the incident, and they drank alcohol in the car.

He said that at about 2:40 a.m., he and his father were awakened by the sound of music from the parking lot.

His father advised the other party to keep the volume down, and the two men then drove away.

He said that about 10 minutes later, the two men drove back again and played the volume louder. He and his father went out again and asked the men in the car to leave.

He and his father went out again and asked each other to leave.

Suddenly, the car was rushing towards me. I dodged and ran to around the back of a 24-hour restaurant. Then I saw the car turn and rush in my father’s direction. My father had no time to dodge and was hit and dragged 20 meters away.

The son of the deceased narrating the moment leading up to the incident.

He said that he quickly shouted for help and chased in the direction where his father fell.

His father’s head was bloody, and he believed that his head hit the ditch.

The incident happened in the early morning, and the neighbours had not noticed.

He quickly contacted an ambulance to send his father to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Public Outrage

Police said they would initiate an investigation under Section 302 of the Criminal Code (murder).

A 28-year-old man has been detained and remanded for seven days to assist in the investigation.

Police are also tracking another 27-year-old local man to assist in the investigation.

The incident prompted an outcry, urging the government to crack down against drunk driving.

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