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Refugee Accused Of Extorting Parking Money In KL

Refugee Accused Of Extorting Parking Money In KL

Netizens said the Rohingya had gone too far and action must be taken now to deal with them.

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The issues involving Rohingya refugees in this country continue to stir public discontent.

Every day there are problems allegedly caused by the Rohingya that arouse the anger and dissatisfaction of the local people.

In a short video that went viral, a group of Rohingya is accused of acting like thugs and collecting parking money from the public in Jalan Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.


Dah bagi peha nak betis plakk Rohingya ni..

♬ original sound – Apek88Luke

The video was uploaded by a TikTok user named @apek88luke.

He said the parking fee of RM20 demanded by the Rohingya is ridiculous.

At the time of writing, the TikTok video has garnered more than 45,000 total views.

Meanwhile, netizens said law enforcement agencies should take this incident seriously to prevent more social problems.

They pointed out that Rohingya refugees are rampant in the busy areas of the capital and hoped the law enforcement agencies would take action and prevent this group from becoming arrogant and ignoring the country’s laws.

Netizens also urge motorists not to back down, as giving in to the Rohingya will only encourage them to continue collecting parking money.

Why Do Some Malaysians Hate Rohingyas So Much?

The Rohingya are a Muslim minority group in Myanmar who have faced persecution and discrimination for many years.

Many have fled to neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Thailand to seek refuge.

In Malaysia, there has been a mixed response to the Rohingya refugees, with some expressing support and solidarity while others hold negative attitudes towards them.

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SAPE ADE KES DENGAN ROHINGYA ?? Biadap lah diorg ni.Plzz lahhhh wehh!! Aku x paham diorg ni!! Memula bg adik dia Rm1…pastu kakak dia dtg,pastu mak dia dtg ketok2 tingkap.ehhhhh benak aku!! Takde tindakan ke kat diorg ni weh!! Pihak berkait mengenai isu ni tak kan lah xde solusi.Sampai dh berani2 main ketok tingkap n paksa2 bg duit..

♬ Sikok Bagi Duo – Meli Dedi
@mnhelmy Lain kenderaan lain harga.. mula2 kesian.. lepastu ? Mat pun pening #DUYONGkita #ybMatDuyong #melaka #rohingya #fyp #trending ♬ original sound – Mohd. Noor Helmy

Some Malaysians may view the Rohingya refugees as a burden on the country’s resources as they compete for jobs and housing with the local population.

Additionally, there have been reports of crimes committed by some Rohingya refugees, which have led to negative perceptions of the group.

However, it is important to note that not all Malaysians hold negative views towards the Rohingya.

Many individuals and organizations in Malaysia have assisted and supported the refugees, recognizing their plight and offering humanitarian aid.

Ultimately, the issue of the Rohingya in Malaysia is complex and multifaceted, and opinions on the matter vary widely among the population.

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