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[Watch] Woman Selling RM1 Nasi Lemak ‘Confronted’ By Canteen Operator

[Watch] Woman Selling RM1 Nasi Lemak ‘Confronted’ By Canteen Operator

The canteen operator said it’s unfair competition as he needs to pay RM900 monthly rental.

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A video showing a female trader being reprimanded for selling RM1 nasi lemak by the roadside in Shah Alam had gone viral.

In the recording, a canteen operator who also sells nasi lemak in the area can be heard saying that his sales are poor because of the RM1 nasi lemak.

He feels it is unfair because he rents as much as RM900 a month.

It is understood that the canteen operator decided to talk to her because he did not want to report to the authorities.

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However, the RM1 nasi lemak trader defended herself, saying she did not block the road and that sustenance comes from God. 

In other words, she can’t be blamed just because the sale of nasi lemak at the canteen is poor.

She also told the canteen operator that he could report it to Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) as she is not afraid.

Unfair Competition

Meanwhile, netizens gave their views on the dispute.

Some said the canteen operator could solve the problem by buying all the nasi lemak and reselling it at a higher price.

Others said the canteen operator should call her bluff and report the matter to the city council.

They added that the RM1 nasi lemak trader enjoys an unfair advantage as she does not have to pay rent, utilities or license.

Competition Is About Price, Selection And Service

The cost of nasi lemak can vary depending on the location, the restaurant or food stall, and any additional ingredients or toppings included.

However, Malaysia’s street vendors or small food stalls generally offer lower prices for nasi lemak than restaurants or upscale food outlets.

The cost of nasi lemak can also vary depending on the type of protein or toppings included, with basic versions usually being cheaper.

If you’re looking for the cheapest nasi lemak, you might want to check out food stalls in local markets or hawker centres, which are known for offering affordable and delicious food.

You can also consider searching for budget-friendly options online or asking locals for recommendations on where to find affordable nasi lemak in your area.

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