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‘Fashionable’ Woman Asks For RM3,600 Donation To Pay Rent

‘Fashionable’ Woman Asks For RM3,600 Donation To Pay Rent

Netizens said she doesn’t look like a poor person who needs assistance.

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Recently, a 65-year-old fashionably dressed woman complained that she was in arrears of RM3,600 in rent.

She lacked the money because she could not find a job and had no income, so she asked the public for donations, causing heated discussions among netizens.

According to a post on social activist Kuan Chee Heng’s Facebook page, the woman was in arrears with her rent for many months and was about to be evicted.

Coupled with her advanced age, she couldn’t find a job which put her in more trouble.

She pointed out that she is willing to accept the job as long as it does not require too much labour and moving.

Nevertheless, she still worries about not having a job and no income because of her age.

She was quoted by Kuan, also known as Uncle Kentang, as saying that the landlord has been very tolerant of her.

She had been given a deadline to pack up and leave.

At the same time, she also revealed that if she really can’t get donations, she is willing to live in a nursing home.

After all, she is single and has no family to rely on. 

She has a 75-year-old brother, but he has also been living in a nursing home.

However, after the post was uploaded, netizens did not sympathize with the woman’s life experience but rather had opinions on her appearance and dress.

Some netizens raised doubts, pointing out that the women’s clothes and hairstyles make it impossible to tell that she is a poor person.

Some netizens believe that as long as they are healthy and physically strong, it is not difficult to find a job, so they will not live in poverty.

They said many people her age can still find a job and be self-reliant.

If it is not possible, she can still seek help from the government’s welfare agency.

In response to netizens’ doubts, Uncle Kentang thanked everyone for their concern and suggestions, and most importantly, he hoped to help the woman solve the problem.

Thank you for your concern and advice; let’s solve this woman’s problem together, thank you for your hard work.

Uncle Kentang thanking the public for their concerns.

Uncle Kentang also joked that the woman looked young because of the lighting in the cafe where they met.

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